High-Profile Brand is Right Fit for High-Achieving Agent

Eric Pruitt truck

Eric Pruitt wants everyone around Palm Beach Garden, Florida, to know he’s back with RE/MAX after a five-year hiatus. So much so that he’s completely wrapped his F350 pickup as a mobile billboard touting his team and affiliation with local franchisee RE/MAX 1st Choice.

“The RE/MAX mindset is like no other in this industry – upbeat and positive,” Pruitt says. “There are cheaper companies out there, but you get what you pay for. The others can’t begin to provide you the same benefits as RE/MAX.”

Pruitt speaks from experience. In 2009, after 21 years with RE/MAX, Pruitt and his team embarked on what he hoped would be a lucrative new affiliation with Keller Williams. He had no choice, he says: The RE/MAX broker he’d been working with for years advised he was two months from closing doors on his franchise, and the housing market was in the throes of the recession.

“You don’t know what you have until you lose it,” Pruitt says. “My first choice would have been to stay with RE/MAX, but there were no offices in my area with space for my team.”

He joined a Keller Williams franchise with the promise of profit sharing and reduced costs at a time when it seemed the entire industry was in need of a refresh and relaunch.

“Everyone was in survival mode, looking for the most affordable way to stay in business,” he says.

Lost in the shuffle

At first, it worked. Costs were manageable, enabling Pruitt to weather the worst of the economic storm. But in ensuing years, as Florida housing slowly made its recovery, he started to recognize some things he’d surrendered when he left RE/MAX. As the ranks of novice Keller Williams agents in his area swelled, Pruitt found it increasingly difficult to differentiate himself and his team from the pack working under the same banner.

When a former client called to have Pruitt list his home, and then cancelled after learning he was no longer affiliated with RE/MAX, Pruitt grew more attuned to the power of brand. He wondered about other listings he wasn’t getting. Last year, when his broker ran an ad for luxury homes but would not include Pruitt’s name and contact info alongside his listings, he began contemplating his return to RE/MAX.

Returning to RE/MAX

By then, Pruitt had heard Bill Wilkinson, another of Florida’s top producers who had left for Keller Williams, was back at RE/MAX and thriving again. They compared notes on their experiences and frustrations.

“One thing he pointed out to me is that, at RE/MAX, you’re surrounded by top producers, and there’s a synergy and mindset that goes with that,” Pruitt says.

Then, there’s the power of the brand. Pruitt notes that RE/MAX is one of the most recognized names in real estate.

“We have 100,000 agents working in nearly 100 countries,” he says. When you tell people that’s the company you’re with, it gives you a lot more credibility.”

Talks with other agents reinforced Pruitt’s perceptions, and he briefly explored purchasing his own RE/MAX franchise. Ultimately, Pruitt decided to concentrate on what he enjoys doing most – working directly with buyers and sellers.

Finding the right fit

His search for the right opportunity eventually led to discussions with Broker/Owner Bill Brady and Broker/Manager Abe Himelstein of RE/MAX 1st Choice. Their approach resonated with Pruitt, and the fact that ample space for Pruitt and his six-member team was available in the same building as their offices cinched the move.

“We’re honored he came back to us,” Himelstein says. “We try to build a family relationship here with the idea that together we can do great things. And nobody does a better job at branding than RE/MAX.”

Pruitt agrees. Since officially transitioning back with his team in February, he reports taking more calls on listings than he had in the previous year. In his first three months, he estimates he had $17 million in pending sales.

“It all just confirms that we made the right move,” Pruitt says. “I can be pretty good on my own, but combined with RE/MAX and all it offers, I can be great.”

Visit Pruitt’s website at www.ericpruitt.com.



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True RE/MAX is a brand,culture,tool and an opportunity you can’t refuse!
That’s why I got trust in RE/MAX after working for a bunch of real estates.
Kind regards
Oupa modikeng

I couldn’t agree more! Being with RE/MAX speaks for itself. Having been a RE/MAX agent for 12 years now–going to any other company would be like taking a step backwards. Being a RE/MAX agents says credibility to clients. We have phenomenal advertising and support behind us. Like you said– you get what you pay for!

I have found it is true about the mindset! Being around positive, honest, and productive agents have made a big difference in my business as well! I’m new to RE/MAX, and I have loved every minute I’ve been here! Here to stay…RE/MAX Preferred Group – Lake Conroe/Montgomery, TX

This is such an inspiration to me and to all of us here at RE/MAX Kenya. As a young region, it is great to learn that we are affiliated with all that Eric has mentioned. We are working hard to replicate the same here in Kenya, Proud to be part of the RE/MAX Family.

RE/MAX is also the “right fit” for new real estate professionals. Provided that you conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the quality expected of this brand, people are comfortable in putting their trust in you. I have had clients choose me because they wanted the strength of the RE/MAX brand behind their real estate transaction. www. MoveWithReason.com

It’s the Experience!.. just like the commercials said. I left ReMax after 11 years and tried a different company the last one being Keller Williams. I found the above statements to be so true and apply to my life. At ReMax United, here in Upper Marlboro, MD you are surrounded by top producing Agents. Our office is the Number 1 Real Estate office in our county with less than 40 Agents. But, these 40 people are hardworking, fair and honest and has provided excellent real estate services for many years. My Broker made sure to tell me that he is glad to have me back Home, at Re/Max…I am happy to be here!

I have been with RE/MAX since 2002 and still love it. Have been in the business for 30 years and wish I had joined it sooner.

Great testimonial to be a RE/MAX agent – Welcome back! Thank you for your insights. I love what RE/MAX offers and the high profile. It has been a perfect fit for me after my family sold its traditional real estate firm after 47 years. Love Orlando, real estate, and RE/MAX!!

I started my real estate career in 2011 at Keller Williams. I was enticed by the technology they offered, features like Dotloop and personal apps for your clients to use. I made a change in 2014 to ReMax, joining one of the biggest agents in the game. Although I miss my Dotloop, I have never looked back. It was as if weighted was lifted off me, gray skies turned blue. Everyone in the office was always happy and positive. There was no drama or “politics”. When people found out I was now with ReMax, I started getting asked more questions about the market, about the different types of loans available, and could I help them find a home. I felt like I was certified as a professional Realtor. The only I would ever leave being an agent at ReMax is if I found an offer at the ReMax HQ.

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