HGTV Finds a Star on a North Carolina Lakefront

Gay Poindexter REMAX Premier NC

“I work nearly 80 hours a week. But it never feels like it.”

That sums up how Gay Poindexter, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Premier Realty in Roxboro, North Carolina, views her career. Helping people buy and sell homes is more a passion than a chore for her, as HGTV viewers would learn.

The scenery surrounding her office doesn’t hurt – bluebird skies, forested shoreline and six square miles of shimmering lake waters. Not to mention, when Poindexter and her husband Jay take clients to view property listings, their means of transportation is just a short walk down the dock. That’s right. Clients board the RE/MAX Premier boat for a real estate experience they’re not likely to forget.

In fact, it was probably one of those gorgeous Hyco Lake listings that caught the eye of HGTV producers. Poindexter isn’t sure what the selection process entailed, but she clearly remembers the day she received the email. “I thought it was my kids playing a joke,” she says with a chuckle. “Once I realized it wasn’t a prank, I couldn’t believe it. It was really HGTV!”

‘A Rustic Retreat on Hyco Lake’

Four months after Poindexter got the email, HGTV producers and film crews arrived on the shores of Hyco Lake. “The weather was absolutely perfect, and they filmed a lot from the boat to showcase the lake,” Poindexter says. “They even got footage of my clients’ dog, Enzo, riding along on a jet ski.”

Filming lasted four days. The finished product, edited down to about 22 minutes of television time, premiered on April 22.

Poindexter’s appearance – in season seven, episode 10 — is a part of the HGTV series, “Lakefront Bargain Hunt.” The concept is explained in the opening credits: “This is lakefront living. And it’s only for the rich … or so you thought.”

After viewers are introduced to clients Charlie and Tamra, the scene shifts to Poindexter interviewing the couple, gleaning details of what they’re looking for: a log cabin amid a natural landscape, with an open area for their dogs to roam, a view of the water, plus a dock area. And they want to stick near $310,000.

Poindexter points out it’s been a seller’s market, with the average house going for about half a million dollars. But she’s reassuring. “It’s going to be a challenge,” she says, “but it’s going to be a good challenge,” she says.

We follow the couple on their journey as Poindexter shows them four properties. Ultimately the couple chooses a log home with a large boat dock fitted with a boat lift, for $249,000.

Poindexter suggests she gained more than the proverbial 15 minutes of fame from her HGTV appearance. “It has directly affected my business and increased awareness of our area and the close proximity we are to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Greensboro and Burlington,” she says. “I have been swamped. I think I did close to $3 million in sales, just for June.”

Born to Sell

The scenic locale of Hyco Lake might be what attracted HGTV, but that’s far from the only reason Poindexter achieved Platinum Club status for four consecutive years (2013-2016), largely built on referrals and repeat business.

She’s been an accomplished sales pro for years. “I’ve been selling since I was 16,” she says. “It’s a funny story.”

“To me, the RE/MAX marketing was fresher and cleaner. RE/MAX seemed like a better path for my career.” -Gay Poindexter on finding her professional home with RE/MAX

As a teen anticipating her first high school prom, Poindexter had her heart set on a certain dress and matching shoes. “My daddy told me he’d pay for my dress, but if I wanted those (pricey) shoes I’d have to buy them myself,” she recalls. Rather than settle for a cheaper pair, Poindexter talked her way into a job at a clothing store. And, she says, “I’ve been selling ever since.”

At 22, Poindexter became the youngest department manager at Belk’s department stores. Decades later, after 32 years, she left retail sales and ventured into real estate, earning her license in late 2005. Starting with a small independent broker who was a friend of her dad’s, Poindexter showed her real estate sales acumen right away. She closed out 2006 — her first year as a Realtor — with $13 million in sales.

Fast forward several years and Poindexter found herself drawn to the RE/MAX brand. “To me, the RE/MAX marketing was fresher and cleaner. RE/MAX seemed like a better path for my career, and the right place for me,” she says. “You know what? I was right.”

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