Great Video Marketing for Camera-Shy Agents

Videos are a sure-fire way to add a more personal touch to your marketing efforts. By showcasing your personality and highlighting local attractions in short clips, you’ll start creating an emotional connection between buyers and the place they may soon call home.

Here are tips from RE/MAX agents who do it well.

Video Marketing Tip 1: Be authentic

Sue “Pinky” Benson is known around Southwest Florida as “Pinky Knows Naples” – named after the bright outfits she wears in her marketing videos. As a former producer/reporter for a morning television show, Benson is a natural for harnessing the power of video.

Benson’s suggestion is to make the clip short and sweet. “Don’t try to pretend to be someone else. Everybody feels they’re not going to be perfect, but mistakes are part of being authentic.”

She recommends agents new to video set up a private Instagram account to practice being on camera. “Go out every day and take a 10- to-20-second video of what’s going on in daily life; that’s content you can use to talk about your community.”

Video Marketing Tip 2: Talk to the neighbors

Melanie Galea, a Sales Associate with RE/MAX Fort McMurray, in Fort McMurray, Alberta, has her own Facebook page filled with community-focused videos. One clip promotes a fundraiser for a local health foundation; another promotes a job fair/home show. She talks with owners of restaurants, a clothing-store and an electronics store.

The first step to getting started is to simply ask, Galea says.

“Start with people you know. Ask how long they’ve been in business, what products and services they offer, and capture their passion,” Galea says. “Ask, ‘Why do you love your city?’”

Eventually, Galea adds, other people will seek you out to be interviewed. Ultimately, you’ll have a well-rounded look into the areas you serve to entice future buyers.

Video Marketing Tip 3: Highlight what’s different

Essentially, find the things that make the community interesting, whether it’s a small-town feel, economic opportunities or a hip, growing industry. It all goes back to creating that connection and telling buyers more than they’ll learn from a quick online search.

Benson frequently features places viewers might not expect. A pet boutique, a hotel, a zoo, an ice skating rink and a haunted cemetery are among the growing list of featured spots.

One idea: Drive down picturesque tree-lined streets while your camera (you can use your smartphone to get started) captures the scene. Add your own voiceover to highlight the schools, planned communities, amenities and parks. When you post your videos, incorporate maps with callouts of walking trails, golf courses, planned communities, parks and other recreational offerings.

Video Marketing Tip 4: Get social

When you embark on video tours of your community, it helps to network with the businesses you’re highlighting so you can cross-market your services with owners.

“Every coffee shop has a Facebook page,” says Michael Thorne with RE/MAX Little Oak Realty in Fort Langley, British Columbia. “They’ll likely share your video because it promotes their brand alongside yours.”

Connect with those businesses on Facebook and other social platforms, and tag them when you post your videos so you reach a broader audience.



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