Global Region of the Year:
RE/MAX Caribbean and Central America

Remax Caribbean and Central America

“We do much more than sell franchises and real estate. We are about changing lives and developing the real estate industry in the Caribbean and Central America. We strive to create a real estate revolution that improves the lives of our members and makes a significant contribution to society. Our mission is to be the undisputed real estate leaders in our Region, achieving our goals by helping others achieve their dreams,” Ricardo Cardenas, Co-Owner and Regional Director, says.

“Our recipe for success is simple: Ordinary things, consistently done, yield extraordinary results,” says John Turley, Co-Owner RE/MAX Caribbean and Central America. “It goes back to having good Broker/Owners, who attract good agents, who work with the best buyers and sellers in their market.”

“Besides the local demand for real estate, we are capitalizing on the baby boomers that want to retire or semi-retire in our region. Baby boomers are the single largest demographic group to move through society, and this phenomenon will not repeat itself during the foreseeable future. As the saying goes, find out where people are heading and invest there before they arrive. There are 79 million people that are part of the baby-boomer generation, and 11,765 will retire every day (in the average of this generation). Three million have already decided to retire overseas; and another 10 million have expressed that they are very interested in doing so. And the No. 1 region where they want to retire is the Caribbean and Central America,” Ricardo Cardenas, Co-Owner and Regional Director, says.



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