ABOVE Global Edition – January 2017

Larry Oberly RE/MAX
Larry Oberly
RE/MAX Vice President, Global Development

I don’t know who first used that phrase, but I’ve been saying it for decades. And as we close a very interesting 2016, it seems like the right time to mention it again.

Of course, the big news from the U.S. this year was our presidential election. It was ugly and hotly contested. In the end, Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States. Mr. Trump said a lot of things during the campaign; perhaps some things that have you a bit concerned about his intentions as it relates to your country and trade.

One thing I know after voting in many prior presidential elections is that much is said by candidates leading up to an election. The rhetoric is strong in order to capture the emotions of the electorate.

So, while our election made more international news than normal, I believe the changes Mr. Trump insists upon won’t materialize anywhere close to what he said. I’ve seen it with every election: once the election is over, the rhetoric begins to dissipate in only a few months.

Why? To accomplish great things, it takes more than one; more than one person’s ideas. It takes people working together, and it takes consensus and mutual agreement. And, like in years past, I believe the hard talk of 2016 will continue to turn more and more moderate in 2017.

So, what’s changed? Our president.

What stays the same? Our countries will continue to cooperate together and do business together. And RE/MAX World Headquarters will continue to be here to support and help you grow, professionally and personally.

I hope you enjoy this edition of ABOVE and trust that you’re enjoying a happy holiday season. Perhaps you’re still on holiday. Or your Lunar New Year is just around the corner. For me, this time of year is perfect for spending quality time with my family and friends. The holidays gave me the time to decompress after a very hectic year. I hope it did, or will do, the same for you.

I wish you an amazing 2017.



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