ABOVE Global Edition – Summer 2016

Larry Oberly RE/MAX
Larry Oberly
RE/MAX Vice President, Global Development

RE/MAX offices and Sales Associates around the globe add to our collective strength by continually reinforcing our mission of providing the best possible real estate service to clients and the industry in general.

Often, our offices support this cause simply with their name.
In a global real estate industry filled with unique, local differences – but often low standards for ethics, education and regulations – our RE/MAX office names are able to show what we stand for. Our Broker/Owners and Sales Associates are the best in the industry. We work together, share best practices and grow to great heights. It’s fitting that many of our office names reflect this aspirational culture of mutual success.

Here are some of the more descriptive approved names currently in use – from just the first six letters of the alphabet.

  • Achievers
  • All Stars
  • Brilliance
  • Communities
  • Dealmakers
  • Destination
  • Destiny
  • Difference
  • Dream House
  • Elegant
  • Excellence
  • Executives
  • Experts
  • Family
  • First Class

These and many more excellent names are unique in an industry cluttered with offices carrying the owner’s surname. A surname doesn’t inspire anyone. It doesn’t create or support an office culture. But RE/MAX office names often do, and they embody our network’s agent-centric model and unbending focus on an “Everybody Wins” mentality.

I should note that not all of our office names directly fit this theme. And that’s fine; they don’t need to. Our entrepreneurial Broker/Owners are free to choose any other approved name from more than 700 available. I’m proud of what our company stands for and pleased that our office names play a part in our global difference. But whenever words like achievers, excellence, success, premier or professionals are linked to RE/MAX – whether in an office name or some other context – I find myself smiling. Because those are the sort of words that perfectly match who we are, what we do, and how we do it – anywhere in the world.


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