ABOVE Global Edition: November 2017

September was the worst month for North American natural disasters we can remember. Three bad hurricanes – Harvey, Irma and Maria – and a horrific earthquake in Mexico City touched our RE/MAX family and millions of other people in multiple countries and territories.

We even lost a friend and colleague – Gabriela Jaen Pimienta, a Mexico City Sales Associate who was tragically killed in the earthquake.

The devastation and impact on our people and the markets they serve is unprecedented. Entire Caribbean islands were destroyed. Cities were leveled. Lives were lost. For far too many families, everything changed.

Beyond the immediate damage, the prospects for any sort of industry normalcy in many places are simply not good. Countless RE/MAX Associates will surely struggle with low or nonexistent home sales for the foreseeable future. Some will be forced to change careers. It’s a harsh reality in area that bore the brunt of the storms, and it will take years for many local markets to recover.

Something to remember is this: The events occurred – with terrible consequences, to say the least. But from what I know about people in Mexico, Texas, Florida, and throughout the Caribbean and Central America Region, most will react with resolve and the will to push forward.

They won’t be defeated. They’ll be stronger. And, however long it takes, lives will rebound, communities will rebuild, and people will work together to recover. There’s no better way to honor those who were lost.

Setting aside the devastation of September, this edition of Global ABOVE also includes uplifting glimpses of extraordinary events and personalities around our network.

You’ll get snapshots of the Asia-Pacific Convention in Australia – with attendees from over 20 countries – the RE/MAX Mexico 25th Anniversary Convention and the RE/MAX India Convention. We also have a heart-warming story about cause marketing in Southern Africa, a great piece about a bold Sales Associate in India who is radically changing her marketplace, and a profile about the very first Luminary of Distinction award-winner outside of North America.

Enjoy these incredible stories and celebrate the difference RE/MAX Sales Associates make in people’s lives around the world.

At the same time, though, keep abreast of what’s happening in the places hit so hard last month. The world’s attention moves quickly, but many people – in our network and beyond – remain in dire straits. They still need support as they start putting their lives back together. So please don’t forget these folks – and if you can help at all, by all means do.

Thank you for everything you’ve done so far. Let’s all hope for brighter days and smoother water ahead.


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