ABOVE Global Edition: April 2017

Larry Oberly RE/MAX
Larry Oberly
RE/MAX Vice President, Global Development

Real estate is such a personal business. Young or old, married or single, rich or poor, most people want a place to call home. It’s one of the most basic human needs. But home means different things to different people.

A small room, flat or apartment is enough for some. Others want a bigger house with a garage or car park. And there are many more who crave a second home or vacation getaway.

Regardless of the want or need, having a place to call home ranks right up there with having someone to love. It’s personal. It’s human. And it’s often the fulfillment of a dream.

RE/MAX Broker/Owners and Sales Associates are in the business of fulfilling people’s dreams. We help buyers, sellers and renters find their perfect place, solve their critical need, or take the next big step in their lives.

One of my favorite quotes from Dave Liniger is, “Dream big. Because big dreams attract big people.” Think about it. Yes, we have our own dreams. But as a Dream Machine, we must dream even bigger. To be a Dream Machine, we can’t just dream of what WE want; we need to dream the dreams other people are having. We need to work to fulfill their dreams FIRST.

As a Dream Machine, we have a responsibility to help others. When we do that, our dreams come true as well.

I love this quote: “To go fast, dream alone. To go far, dream with someone else.” Let’s dream with someone else. Let’s go farther, and help all our customers and clients find the home they want or the solution they need. Together, let’s be a Dream Machine!


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