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Expanded. Intuitive. Interactive.

And so much more. There’s a lot to like about the New RU.

“Nobody else offers anything like this,” says Amy Somerville, RE/MAX Vice President of Education & Training. “The New RU not only takes RE/MAX education to the next level, but sets a new standard for the entire real estate industry.”

The New RU offers a more accessible, streamlined and interactive experience, all customized to fit the individual needs of brokers and agents. Quite simply, the new platform saves you time (it’s so easy to find your favorite courses and sessions) and money. After all, the more you learn, the more you earn.

Watch a video about the New RU.

The intuitive platform provides suggestions based on courses taken, and also enables you to rate and review course content and read the reviews of others. Other fun and helpful features include exams, practice quizzes and two “gaming” modes, where you can keep tabs on your progress, compete against peers and earn badges recognizing your work.

“The competitive part and ‘gamification’ of the New RU really adds a new motivational element to education,” says Somerville. “We want learning to be productive, and fun.”

In addition to a completely overhauled experience, the platform features a vastly expanded library, with 73 new courses, additional NAR content, CE programs and education from top industry trainers. You’ll also still find your favorite Quick Hits, video programming and webinars. It’s been reorganized and repackaged to make it all easier than ever to access.

The New RU is available anytime from anywhere on any device – phone, tablet or computer. To get started on your new path to education, simply visit Mainstreet and click the RU tab.


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