Franchise Expert Returns to RE/MAX to Spark Office Mergers, Conversions

Mitch Roher
Mitch Roher, RE/MAX Conversion and Merger Consultant

RE/MAX, LLC has sharpened its focus on brokerage mergers, conversions and acquisitions with the return of an award-winning franchise sales consultant in a newly created position.

Mitch Roher ranked among the network’s top three franchise sales leaders in North America for five consecutive years starting in 2013. He left RE/MAX in late 2017 to pursue other opportunities, but in late April he rejoined RE/MAX World Headquarters as its first Conversion and Merger Consultant.

In the new role, Roher will collaborate closely with regional leaders, franchise sales teams and RE/MAX Broker/Owners in U.S. Corporate Owned regions looking to expand through large conversions, mergers and acquisitions.

“I see big opportunities for RE/MAX,” says Roher, who originally joined RE/MAX in 2010 and played an important part in building the brand’s presence in Florida. “Every day, I’m going to be out there hunting for real estate companies to roll into our network, whether through conversion or by partnering with our Broker/Owners, and helping entrepreneurs recognize the value of joining RE/MAX. I’m an ally for anyone looking to grow and expand.”

Peter Luft, RE/MAX Executive Director of Franchise Sales, says the dedicated Conversions and Mergers position was created to increase market share and provide support to growth-minded RE/MAX Broker/Owners. Luft has long envisioned the role for Roher – “a great guy who I’m very, very excited to have back at RE/MAX. He’s going to supercharge our success.”

Luft notes that as more and more brokerages consider the possibility of aligning with a network, Roher is well positioned to show them the value of affiliating with RE/MAX individually or by merging with an existing RE/MAX brokerage.

“Conversions require patience, finesse and understanding. Mitch will be there to help educate and make the transition successful.” Peter Luft, RE/MAX Executive Director of Franchise Sales

“If we’re not in the conversation, our competitors will be, so Mitch’s new role is going to be hugely impactful for our company and franchisees,” says Luft, adding that the RE/MAX brand, model and agent quality create an attractive value proposition for brokerages seeking a better way. “This new focus adds another layer of potential growth to our network, as many outside operators are looking at how to build their companies. They like what they see with RE/MAX, and if we grow market share, our advertising spend grows, our lead generation grows, and our yard sign count grows. Everything becomes stronger and better.”

Luft and Roher both understand the challenges brokerages face in today’s marketplace.

“So many independent brokerages out there are just surviving. Some of these owners, if they stop listing and selling tomorrow, their company’s done. They’ll have spent 20 years in business and have nothing to show for it,” Roher says. “By bringing a quality RE/MAX Broker/Owner into the picture and facilitating a merger, we’re offering those owners a solid exit strategy and a potential income stream.”

Adds Luft: “Conversions require patience, finesse and understanding. Mitch will be there to help educate and make the transition successful.”

Roher, who accepted the position in April, says it’s great to be back with RE/MAX – a brand and network he’s always believed in.

“I’m excited for the future and looking forward to nurturing relationships with existing and future brokerage owners,” he says. “RE/MAX is the home of top producers. I’m always happy to share the value of that.”



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