Former KW Standout Seeing Double at RE/MAX

If you want to be the best, align with the best.

The validity of that axiom has become increasingly evident to Jason Flannery since he joined RE/MAX of Stuart in Stuart, Florida, two years ago. The former Keller Williams top producer has more than doubled his sales numbers with RE/MAX, and The Flannery Team he leads has grown more than twofold as well.

The Road to RE/MAX

Flannery began his real estate career at a small firm in Tequesta, Florida, 17 years ago and soon discovered the power of teamwork.

“When I hired an assistant, my sales and GCI went up,” he says. “It was about accountability, which is what triggered the team aspect for me.”

Having heard that Keller Williams was the “team company,” he made the switch to KW, where he grew The Flannery Team to four. Still, he says, “The structure there wasn’t what I needed. If you have tools and are not utilizing them because you don’t understand them, you might as well not have tools.”

Thus, after just two years, Flannery decided a change was in order. He rented a building while he mulled his options. Then he spoke with RE/MAX of Stuart Broker/Owner Jennifer Atkisson-Lovett – a second-generation RE/MAX Broker/Owner – and that conversation made it clear where the next phase of his career would lead.

RE/MAX of Stuart’s 57 agents specialize primarily in residential sales; last year their total sales topped $278 million on more than 1,000 transactions. Atkisson-Lovett and Flannery were both past presidents of area real estate associations, so they already knew each other and had a solid working relationship.

“He wanted the brand, and l knew what the RE/MAX brand could do for him,” Atkisson-Lovett says. “He also wanted me as his Broker/Owner – I’m well-known in the real estate community – and he knew that would benefit his business.”

Since Flannery was already established at his own new location, they came up with what Atkisson-Lovett calls an “out of the box” structure that allowed him to make it a team office location, only a mile from her main office. The arrangement gave him independence but also the affiliation with a highly successful RE/MAX brokerage. So, in June of 2017, Flannery and his then-four-person team made the move to RE/MAX.

“Jennifer’s hands-on approach was what I wanted,” Flannery says. “I felt like I wasn’t just an agent but part of a family.”

In only two years at RE/MAX, Flannery has grown his team from four to nine while doubling annual sales, from $15 million with his previous brokerage to more than $30 million with RE/MAX. That production earned Flannery the RE/MAX Titan Club Team Award, recognizing annual commissions of $750,000 to $999,000, in 2018.

The RE/MAX Brand Factor

RE/MAX of Stuart Broker/Owner Jennifer Atkisson-Lovett

Looking back, Flannery says his appreciation of the RE/MAX brand helped seal the deal with Atkisson-Lovett and, to this day, that brand propels him. “To me, RE/MAX is a brand that is so well known,” he says. “I think it’s a step ahead.”

Flannery says Atkisson-Lovett further enables his success by keeping him informed and making sure The Flannery Team has all the tools it needs to thrive, including regular coaching. Although there are five other teams within the brokerage, Flannery says, “Jennifer has a great way of making sure our team feels just as special as the other teams and agents.”

Flannery, a past president of the Jupiter-Tequesta-Hobe Sound Association of Realtors, fosters team cohesion and continuity in part by requiring his agents to come in to the office every day. He believes this not only encourages communication among team members but fosters a culture of accountability and reinforces the importance – literally – of “showing up.”

Making It All Work

Part of Flannery’s success stems from his visibility within the community, supporting local charities in what Atkisson-Lovett calls a “grassroots” kind of way. That, too, is an element of the RE/MAX culture that appealed to Flannery.

“We’ve provided a business model where he could thrive, where he could grow his team, stay independent but also be a part of something more,” Atkisson-Lovett says, adding that Flannery, who has three sons, is passionately involved in supporting local public education measures. “He really loves having a place to contribute. He puts family and quality of life above all else.”



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