First Flight: A Bold New Tool for First-time Homebuyers


Millennials are ready and willing to buy their first home, but many first-time homebuyers don’t know where to start. Show them the way, and you’ve instantly tapped into a new segment of business. That’s why RE/MAX created a new resource to help you engage with potential clients on social media.

Introducing First Flight, a Pinterest magazine of curated content that helps you work with first-time homebuyers to navigate the daunting and often confusing process of buying a home. From for sale to sold, each issue in the four-part series focuses on different stage of home buying so you can make your clients’ first buying experience a great experience.

First Flight is a new resource for first-time homebuyers

Rewind a moment – what’s a Pinterest magazine? 

Pinterest is a social media site that lets its users save – or pin – recipes, DIY projects, home décor inspiration and more (aka “pins”) to their personal collection of “boards.” Working closely with Camp + King, the ad agency behind the National TV ads, RE/MAX built a board with pins full of insight on the home-buying process.

Each board will serve as an issue of First Flight and will highlight a different stage of home buying: thinking of buying a home, starting the process, the middle of the process, and settling in. At any stage, the value of working with an experienced real estate agent is front and center.

Ready, set, share!

The first issue, ‘Launchpad,’ is now live. Launchpad connects with potential clients early in the cycle – when they’re still deciding if they’re ready to buy a home. The board’s pins link to articles with insight on finance, market trends, home styles, location, and more things first-time homebuyers should consider.

If you’re already active on Pinterest, it only takes a few clicks to share the board with your followers. Or, you can repin any of the articles to your own curated board (that’s the beauty of Pinterest). You also can double click on any pin to be taken to the original article, and share the content that way.

Finally, copy and paste this link to share the board directly on your other social media channels:

New to Pinterest? Learn more about the platform and get started here.

Are your clients ready for take-off? Share the ‘Launchpad’ issue with them today. More editions of First Flight are coming soon!



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