Family Team Leaves Coldwell Banker for RE/MAX

Giancola Family Remax
ALL IN THE FAMILY: (From left) Brian, Jill,
Veronica and Gregg Giancola left Coldwell
Banker for RE/MAX.

It used to annoy Brian Giancola to see huge RE/MAX billboards on the highway leading to Cape May, the New Jersey resort town where he lives and works.

“Why can’t we do something like that?” he’d wonder.

By “we” he meant Coldwell Banker. Giancola, the Team Leader, and his wife Jill had been with the company for about a decade; his father Gregg and mother Veronica had worked at Coldwell Banker since the ‘90s. Brian and his father handle the bulk of the sales work; Jill and Veronica run the day-to-day operations, including marketing and transaction coordination.

The Giancola Team worked hard and earned several awards for high production at Coldwell Banker. But over time, the RE/MAX billboards Brian Giancola kept seeing along the highways became a frequent reminder of what he felt he was missing at Coldwell Banker.

Support. Advertising. Marketing. Opportunities. It seemed like his team was forfeiting all of it by not being with RE/MAX.

“Over time, we realized we weren’t making the income we could be earning at RE/MAX,” Brian says. “It was frustrating to lose leads, sometimes to a new agent, just because I wasn’t in the office when a call came in.

“For the money we were paying Coldwell Banker, we weren’t getting the right level of support and services.”

In May, the Giancolas finally made their long awaited move to RE/MAX at the Shore in Cape May. Now all those RE/MAX billboards are working for them – a huge help considering the team had to start from scratch after losing all their listings during the brokerage switch.

As soon as they settled into their new RE/MAX digs, Jill Giancola plunged into the marketing and online duties she handles for the team. The RE/MAX difference was apparent from the start.

“The website support is amazing,” Jill says. “It’s so nice to be able to call eCare in Denver, and get an instant response.”

Brian Giancola is pumped up about mining his own leads and turning them into clients for life.

“We’re becoming a bit more aggressive in our marketing right now,” he says. “We want to drive as much business our way as possible.”

Giancola relishes the look of recognition when prospective clients see the RE/MAX name on his business cards.

“All the national brand advertising RE/MAX does really sticks in people’s minds,” he says.

The team went from having zero listings in May to more than 20 today, ranging from single-family homes and vacation condos to a $7 million beachfront stunner.

Despite the logistical challenges involved in switching brokerages, Brian Giancola has absolutely no regrets.

“RE/MAX sets you up for success,” he says. “We’re experiencing that firsthand.”



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Welcome! Isn’t RE/MX great. I had been with Coldwell Banker awhile back. I know how refreshing the experience is. I wish Coldwell Banker agents in our area would see the light like you did. I actually feel bad for them knowing how hard we all work.

Cape May is a Beautiful place , we were there in the summer , your presence and the Remax brand will be a perfect combination . So many people travel to this getaway and the brand will only help you to prosper , the Remax referral network is a valuable tool you can equally tap in too as well !! All the Best , Chris Hanna , GRI , Lehigh Valley , Pa. Marketplace

Any person you EVER walk up to and simply show them a red/white & blue ballon and ask “what’s this remind you of?” They ALWAYS know (and say) RE/MAX! Our “brand” is as iconic as Coca Cola and the support is superb, Diana Davis (above) is right, you’ll never look back!

No matter where you go or send someone, we are all over the globe and aiming to please another RE/MAX agent.
Welcome to the BEST! j

Left Coldwell Banker 3 years ago after being in the business for the previous 34 years.. I should of listened along time ago.
I am positive you will be happy, I am.
I only regret that I didn’t change 2 decades ago.

Welcome to RE/MAX Giancolas! You will never regret that decision. Switching to RE/MAX was the best move I made early in my career. K.W. comes knocking all the time today with promises of profit sharing. There would have be be in access of $100K annual profit sharing for me to give up all the referral business developed over some 20 years with RE/MAX.

Cape May happens to be my home town…grew up there, worked as a lifeguard in the summers, and now have been living in the Orlando area since 1975. Have been a full time Realtor since 1980, and with RE/MAX since 1994. Good luck to you all! The Balloon does make your job easier in many will enjoy the ride…. Ron Hernquist

Welcome to RE/MAX! I too was a Coldwell Banker agent and felt the same you did. Now I am much happier, more productive. Coldwell Banker seems to make agents feel like they will not be able to do the business they do without them. It took a while but the move makes sense. There is so much more to gain with RE/MAX and working with like minded agents is also a plus.

Welcome, I know exactly how you feel after owning a CB franchise for 10 years and getting
nothing back from the company. Good luck with your new and prosperous venture!! RT

Welcome to RE/MAX! You’ll be happy with the great network we have available to us along with a forward thinking group of professionals at corporate. If you need help in the Reading, PA area contact me!

Welcome aboard our balloon. You will soon be flying above the clouds waving to all your old co workers…..good luck to all of you. I’m sure you will be very Happy with our RE/MAX Family……..

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