Fab Four of the booj Platform

Simple. Effective. Game-changing. 

That’s the booj Platform. This integrated system places the most powerful tech advantages into the hands of the most productive real estate agents. It streamlines the way RE/MAX Affiliates do business. 

And on the heels of its launch in August, here are four booj game-changers for Affiliates. RE/MAX agents are already among the most productive in the industry. Now they have business-streamlining technology in their toolbelt.  

1. Technology that fits 

With a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system at its core, the booj Platform was developed with the input from thousands of RE/MAX Affiliates. The CRM takes the entire selling and home-buying experience into account, from lead generation to post-close nurturing. The platform allows agents to know more about their clients and prompts them to reach out with relevant insights based on specific client interests and actions.  

2. One ecosystem

Tired of costly third-party, siloed solutions that don’t work with one another? Well booj has that covered. The individual booj tools are seamlessly integrated with one another, and designed around the key challenges brokers and agents face on a daily basis. Basically, the tools communicate with each other, giving agents an end-to-end solution to effectively increase efficiency and productivity in their business throughout the transaction process. 

“It’s very intuitive,” said Laurie Thiel, the Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Equity Group in Oregon. “Our agents will really appreciate how easy it is to use.” 

3. Client engagement 

Never forget to reach out again. The booj Platform’s Sphere Interaction tool updates you on when to connect with customers. The visual indicator shows when you last communicated – and if it’s time to reach out again. 

“It’s a game-changer,” said Kendall Bonner, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Capital Realty in Tampa, Florida. “Most agents are tracking and connecting in the deal process, but they are not tracking in between. The sphere interaction will let them know to stay in contact with that client. It will fill in for that in-between phase. A lot of opportunity is lost when they are not paying attention between transactions.” 

4. This is just the start

The booj Platform incorporates a constant “feedback loop” with RE/MAX Affiliates for continual development. This means the system will never become dated; rather it will constantly evolve to address the ongoing needs of agents with more and more features and updates rolled out over time. 

“The booj team is on top of it,” Bonner said. “They are already planning on the future. It builds such great confidence that they are looking at the past and present but future as well. That’s very reassuring that it’s happening in the background.”

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Hello booj, I attended the presentation and introduction to booj at my RE/MAX Destiny Cambridge office. I was very impressed by what is coming available in 2020. I was most impressed with the all in-one approach to launching our Listings

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