‘Why I Moved to RE/MAX Instead of eXp Realty’

Gina Lorenzo doesn’t need help running a successful real estate business. With $100 million in personal production over the past 2.5 years, you could say she’s pretty good at it.

So why in the world would she change anything, let alone move her 10-year old team to RE/MAX Executive in North Carolina?

Because, as she says in a new You Tube video, “change is coming, folks.”

“This move wasn’t about trying to find a way to be successful in real estate,” Lorenzo says. “This was about positioning my company in a rapidly changing environment so I can continue to be successful and grow my business even more.”

In the video below, Lorenzo discusses productivity, tech and all the other reasons it was time to switch to the No. 1 brand in real estate.

No. 1: Unmatched brand recognition

“Nine out of 10 buyers and sellers know RE/MAX as being a real estate juggernaut. That balloon means something to the world.”*

No. 2: If I want to be the best, then I need work with the best

“The people and culture at RE/MAX really align with what I was looking for. RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than agents with any other brokerage in the United States. I just didn’t find it compelling to move my business to No. 7 or No. 4 on the list. It had to be numero uno.

No. 3. Change is coming, folks

“Technology was a big factor for me moving my company. With my budget, I really struggled just to buy third-party tech apps for my business.  Well RE/MAX just bought its own tech company, booj, [to help provide more resources to agents] – the whole company!”

Why not eXp?

Since announcing the move, several people have asked Lorenzo why she didn’t consider a move to eXp Realty.

“I just can’t get over the fact that eXp makes me feel like I’m in some kind of Realtor version of the Hunger Games. I don’t want to join a firm that seems focused on growing the agent count of their firm – I want a firm that can make me better. I want a firm that can give me better tools and help me grow my business.

eXp agents love to tell me about their retirement plan. I don’t want to talk about retirement. I just want to stay doing what I’m doing and make lots of money.”

* Nine out of 10 homebuyers and sellers know of RE/MAX, according to an MMR Strategy Group study of total brand awareness of real estate organizations among buyers, sellers, and those planning to buy or sell.


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Gina, you are my new Realtor crush. I’ve been with RE/MAX since 1991. This is amazing and it should be the new, official recruiting commercial. Well done and welcome! Greetings from Detroit!

Nicely said! I find it crucial to periodically review and reset goals insuring you’re maximizing potential business growth! RE/MAX does have the tools to help Realtors move forward and adapt to the many everyday changes ! My biggest gripes are the individual franchise fees and 5% fee to new Agents joining! Welcome to RE/MAX – you made a solid choice, it’s a great place to hang your license!

Great points. Thanks for sharing. I moved to RE/MAX 3 years ago mainly for the strong name brand, which has certainly paid very good dividends. The name is very well respected.

I just passed my test in Austin,TX and was deciding between EXP and Remax. Thank you for making this decision easier for me. Loved your video.

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