Editing Tips for Videos that Will Capture – and Keep – an Audience

It’s easier than you think to create the slick video productions you see all over social media.

A polished video – with b-roll, voiceovers, maps and more – is just one click away with today’s easy-to-use video software. All you need is a smartphone!

Follow these tips for masterpiece shorts that will draw people in and keep your audience engaged.

Jesse Peters RE/MAX Executives Realty Winnipeg, Manitoba

Keep it short and sweet. Under two minutes – or one, if you can do it – is ideal for capturing attention on social media. Any longer and viewers will start to tune out.

For a one-minute video, Jesse Peters, an Associate with RE/MAX Executives Realty in Winnipeg, Manitoba, suggests filming the “most awesome” features of a house, then slicing the video down into shorter quick hits about each one.

Think beyond the walk-through. Video tours are great, but don’t stop there. Create sellers’ tips, community profiles and local business highlight videos. Whatever the approach, Peters says that agents should be consistent and create a video for each home and not just high-end homes.

For more information on using video to create viewer connections to your communities, read Great Video Marketing for Camera-Shy Agents.

Kevin Tengan, RE/MAX Prestige Honolulu, Hawaii

Make your cuts count. Kevin Tengan, owner of RE/MAX Prestige in Honolulu, Hawaii, says it’s essential to consider attention spans of audiences, particularly during editing. A good story pulls in the viewer. Good pacing ensures they’ll stay.

The average adult attention span is eight seconds. No need to spend 20 seconds showing a living room when you can feature various highlights with four- or five-second cuts.

“Know when to cut and allow the brain to fill in the gaps,” he says. “Shots should only be long enough to get the point across.”

Use tools that make editing easy. Editing software, including Apple’s iMovie, allows users to drop in videos and make cuts. Other sites offer more in-depth tools. HitFilm Express offers video tutorials and software offering more than 180 visual effects, giving users the tools to create a professional product.

Audiojungle.net offers royalty free music and audio tracks for use in video creation. Filters offered in phone apps can enhance a quick-hit video uploaded to Instagram or Snapchat.

When incorporating music, Tengan says to lay the music track first then listen to the beat. Place clips whenever the beat drops.

Solicit help from your peers. Join the RE/MAX Play Facebook group, which has 2,500 members (RE/MAX agents only). This group is for RE/MAX Associates to discuss “all things real estate video.”



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