Do You Have What It Takes?

Tips, strategies and more from RE/MAX Award winners to help you rise to the top in 2017

Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas

It’s time to get motivated to achieve your best sales year yet. RE/MAX Awards recognize Associates who reach top production levels and deliver incredible customer service. Those trophies or plaques can be mini billboards to clients that you’re the best. Below is a compilation of top tips from past award winners to help you reach new levels and earn recognition in 2017.

Daniel Thomas, 100 Percent Club Member with RE/MAX Right Choice Real Estate in Bridgeport, Connecticut:

Utilize video marketing: “I walk through the home with a camera, and my clients feel like they’re going for a walk with me. It also gives sellers a great keepsake to hold onto. But most importantly, it works to market properties and earn referrals!”

Work hard and persevere: “So many agents fall out of the business when they have bad months because they’re unwilling to do the necessary legwork. That’s why I feel I’m good at selling homes; I’ll do whatever it takes to make clients happy and close a transaction.

From What it Takes to Be a Top Scoring MVP

Robin Bailey, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner with RE/MAX Associates Northeast in Kingwood, Texas:

Robin Bailey
Robin Bailey

 Hire Support Staff: “Hiring an assistant is the number one thing you should do. My job is to get out in the world, not sit in an office. My assistant does the support work so I can show homes, get new listings and work on my sphere of influence.”

Promote yourself: Keep your name and image visible in your market. Some of Bailey’s strategies: Billboards at school stadiums, spots before movies in local theaters, and a full-page newspaper ad at the end of the year that showcases all the homes she’s sold. She advises an advertising budget that’s 5 to 10 percent of your total budget. 

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Caleb Pearson, Hall of Fame Member and Co-Owner of RE/MAX Alliance in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina: 

Caleb Pearson
Caleb Pearson

Don’t be afraid to cold call: “Cold calls are the lifeblood of my business. I blocked out two hours first thing in the morning on my calendar to make calls. It’s not the fastest way of finding leads, and it requires a lot of work, but it works if you stick with it.”

Follow up immediately: “It’s critical to stay top of mind when you get a hot lead. I schedule dates for each follow-up email or touchpoint in Top Producer, and I add clients as friends on my personal Facebook page and our team’s page. Make sure you send items of value in your follow-up emails. People care about how much their house is worth and what the market is doing, which is why we send a market analysis every three months.”

From 7 Tips from an Up and Coming Top Producer

Shanti Ammar, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Broker/Owner of RE/MAX 2000 in Ozone Park, New York:

Shanti Ammar
Shanti Ammar

Prioritize your time: “Whatever it is you’re reaching for, you have to want it bad enough to win it. Prioritize your time to stay ahead of the goal rather than catching up to it. Know what it takes each day, each week, each month to stay on pace. You may have to sacrifice happy hours for extra office hours. When you’re working, stay focused. I don’t chitchat, I don’t gossip, I don’t read magazines. If I’m in the office, I’m dedicated to real estate.”

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