4 Tips to Develop an Instagram Following

  1. Build a following. Cohen rocketed from zero to 154,000 followers in two years by following simple strategies, such as using hashtags to discover possible followers and “liking” relevant posts. “I would engage with them and hope that they engage back and follow me. Plus, I’m fortunate to have a sensational inventory of homes that people all over the world enjoy seeing.”
  2. Stay consistent. Post often enough to stay on your followers’ radar, but not so often that you dominate their feed.
  3. Focus on photos. “I hire the best real estate photographer in town — in L.A., it’s Jeff Elson,” Cohen says. “He shoots the properties at dusk and into the evening for more dramatic photos.” Then select the best photo to plug the property on social media.
  4. Be up front. “I always mention price in my posts,” Cohen says.

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