David Scott on Teams: Avoid Clusters of Dysfunction

Teams-David ScottDavid Scott has parlayed extraordinary success in real estate into equally extraordinary success as a coach. He’s the creator of the RE/MAX educational program Momentum, which started with 60 brokers in Texas and now helps brokers and agents worldwide develop systems for thriving businesses.

Scott shared more of his groundbreaking strategies at the Ultimate RE/MAX Teams Event in December 2015.

Here’s a snapshot of Scott’s advice for maximum team efficiency.

5 Fundamentals for Team Success

  1. Knowing what it means to be a team

A lot of agents have clusters of dysfunction: an assemblage of people doing their own thing at their own discretion. That’s not a team. It’s about striving to build a highly proficient team, where each member serves one or more specific roles that serve an overall purpose or mission.

  1. Assembling the right group of people

Ideal team members are bright, enthusiastic, dependable and committed. Most importantly, they’re learning based. They take ownership of their role on the team. They want to learn, grow and improve. If you have these types of people around you, great things are going to happen every time.

  1. Establishing a plan for productivity

A productive team has a goal, a plan, a set of standards, and willing and able team members. These components are all part of the three disciplines that shape a highly functional team: leading, planning and staffing. Most Team Leaders understand that they’re supposed to generate leads, convert leads and serve clients at a high level. A lot of them are naïve about entrepreneurial disciplines. If Team Leaders ignore them, they’re going to have a revolving door of not-very-good people.

  1. Developing a core ideology

Some of the most successful companies in the world cite their core ideology as their main reason for success. It provides directional and behavioral clarity for the team. Everyone on the team has to take ownership of the mission and understand his or her role in its fulfillment.

  1. Starting with the right Team Leader

The Team Leader has to establish a “we” goal and not a “me” goal. That’s what separates a highly proficient team from a mediocre team. Since we’ve chosen a career field that’s unlimited in nature, a lead agent should try to help people uncover their life vision. What’s it going to take to fund the life you aspire to live? When we think in those terms, the income goal has meaning. The shared vision creates passion that goes back to the goal, and ultimately to the activities that bring that goal to fruition.

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