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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ annual Momentum conference is always a celebration – of the kids who receive treatment at the more than 170 CMN Hospitals in the U.S. and Canada, the families who receive support and invaluable resources from the organization, and the many corporate sponsors who put their money where the miracles are.

RE/MAX has stood behind the critical work for CMN Hospitals since 1992, and at the annual conference, several Affiliates were able to see firsthand the impact their donations are making.

The three-day event in Orlando, Florida, was part of Children’s Hospitals Week, a new initiative to raise awareness of the importance of children’s hospitals and the care they provide. RE/MAX attendees had the opportunity to meet Miracle Children from across the U.S. and Canada and learn new strategies on how to become more involved with their local CMN Hospital.

What’s Your Why?

CMN Hospitals co-founder and world renowned entertainer Marie Osmond helped kick off the conference at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. She helped introduce the week’s theme: What’s Your Why? What’s Your What? In other words, why did attendees support the mission of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and what were they going to do to increase their support.

“These aren’t just sick kids. These are kids that go on to make a difference in the world … That’s the work that all of you are involved in – that is the passion of CMN Hospitals,” she told the nearly 2,000 attendees gathered for the opening session.

Kim Hawkins, Vice President of RE/MAX Alliance based in Denver, Colorado, echoed Osmond’s sentiment during a breakout session organized by RE/MAX, which gave insights to hospital staff members on how they can build even stronger relationships with RE/MAX agents and offices.

Hawkins encouraged the audience to invite RE/MAX agents to meet with Miracle Children.

“The truth is this is our future, folks,” Hawkins said. She pointed to a screen with photos of Miracle Children. “You look at those kids up there. This is our future, and how incredible are they? Someone could find a cure for cancer. Somebody could be a president of the U.S. You look at the goodness of them. To me, that’s the future of who we are in this world and I think if you have somebody that gets that, they’re going to send that message out.”

“These aren’t just sick kids. These are kids that go on to make a difference in the world…That’s the work that all of you guys are involved in – that is the passion of CMN Hospitals. “-Marie Osmond

Meet Carson, Colorado’s Champion Child

One of the incredible children Hawkins has met during RE/MAX Alliance fundraising events is Carson, who was born premature at 25 weeks and diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was 13-months old. Carson’s unstoppable spirit and positive attitude were recognized at this year’s event, where he served as Colorado’s Champion Child.

As part of his star treatment, Carson spent a day in Disney’s Epcot Theme Park with RE/MAX Affiliates. “Spending the day with Carson and his family was an incredible experience,” said Mike Reagan, Senior Vice President, Business Alliances, RE/MAX LLC. “Carson, like every child who is helped by CMN Hospitals, is truly a miracle. Everyone has a Carson in their life and it’s great to know that every dollar donated by RE/MAX Affiliates helps kids like him be just that, kids.”

RE/MAX Affiliates, including Mike Reagan, Senior Vice President, Business Alliances, RE/MAX LLC, spend the day with Colorado Champion Child Carson and his family at Epcot Theme Park.

“We’re live folks”

The final day of Momentum 2017 was filled with celebration and recognition as CMN Hospitals held its first Facebook Live-athon event hosted by entertainers Nick Cannon and Alli Simpson. RE/MAX was one of several corporate sponsors who organized fundraising segments.

During the RE/MAX segment, Sales Associate Linda van den Broek of RE/MAX Executives Realty in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Marie Sheppy with RE/MAX Western Canada joined NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young to share why RE/MAX agents and offices support CMN Hospitals. While van den Broek was reading 25 reasons to support CMN Hospitals, Sheppy and Young participated in a friendly “minute-to-win-it” competition where they competed to see who could blow up and then pop a balloon first. Sheppy blew it out of the park (with the help of a RE/MAX pin).

CMN Hospitals supporters from across the globe tuned in to the show and helped raise more than $10,000 for kids.

This year, RE/MAX is celebrating its 25-year anniversary with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Through their donations, RE/MAX agents help millions of kids every year since 1992 for the 170 CMN Hospitals in the U.S. and Canada.

RE/MAX agent Linda van den Broek chats with Marie Sheppy of RE/MAX Western Canada and NFL Hall of Famer Steve Young about the importance of donating to CMN Hospitals during the organization’s Facebook Live-athon event.

What’s your what?

Momentum 2017 and Children’s Hospitals Week were just two highlights of a year devoted to celebrating the 25th anniversary of the partnership between RE/MAX and CMN Hospitals, and a fantastic experience for RE/MAX Affiliates. 

To answer the questions posed throughout the conference:

What’s your why? Everything attendees heard and saw at the conference – meeting the kids, hearing their stories and learning more about the incredible work for CMN Hospitals.

What’s your what? Listing miracle homes, hosting pancake breakfasts, taking motorcycle rides across North America, swimming more than 300 km and all of the many other ways RE/MAX agents raise funds for CMN Hospitals.

RE/MAX Affiliates clearly live up to the challenge laid out by CMN Hospitals CEO John Lauck on the first day of the conference: “It’s not hard to wrap our arms around a child and know the why we do what we do,” said Lauck. “I think the harder question is what’s your what? What are you going to do differently? What are you going to do bigger?”

Champions from the U.S. and Canada pose for a photo op with co-founders Mick Shannon and Joe Lake during the CMN Hospitals Champion Breakfast.


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