Competitive Edge: Why 2 Successful Pros Came to RE/MAX

Meet two real estate veterans who found the support and resources they needed to take their careers to the next level

By Barbara Hall


When it came time to build a team, Kim Pacini-Hauch had a tough choice to make.

After 26 years with Lyon Real Estate in Sacramento, Calif., Pacini-Hauch was a household name in her market and wanted to form her own team. But she was stymied by her traditional brokerage’s fee structure and lack of support for her vision.

So Pacini-Hauch did what other successful entrepreneurs do: She looked for a better opportunity. Her search led her to RE/MAX Gold. In her first four months there, she closed an impressive $20 million in sales on her own, in addition to the volume closed by the nine agents on her new team – which also includes two full-time assistants. In 2013, her last full year with Lyon, she closed $32 million in total sales volume.

The atmosphere of entrepreneurialism Pacini-Hauch found at RE/MAX has breathed new life into her already thriving business and developing team, she says.

“Traditional brokerages don’t allow for this type of growth and team building, but RE/MAX does,” she says, adding that RE/MAX Gold provides luxury, private office space and technology training for her team – things she didn’t have at Lyon.

“The RE/MAX brand, tools and support – including local, national and international networking opportunities – have opened new doors that didn’t exist at my previous brokerage,” Pacini-Hauch says. “The R4 Convention in Las Vegas was phenomenal, and leads and international branding have exceeded my expectations.”

Another major RE/MAX advantage Pacini-Hauch is thrilled about: The RE/MAX Collection. A majority of her listings are luxury homes, and she loves the national and international exposure her properties get through the RE/MAX luxury program.

“The program offers so much. Earning the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS) designation is first on my education list,” Pacini-Hauch says. “And I’m planning to attend The RE/MAX Collection Luxury Forum in November to network with other RE/MAX luxury agents from around the country.”

For now, Pacini-Hauch’s focus is on building her team and continuing her productive sales streak. With help from RE/MAX Gold, she’s mentoring her team members and getting them up to speed on all things RE/MAX. Leads are already flowing in from LeadStreet, and the brand exposure is making the phones ring off the hook, she says.

“I’m excited to hire more people. The more people I have on my team, the more our listings will get exposure – and that creates momentum for success that can’t be stopped.”

Kim Pacini-Hauch


Successful agents like Kim Pacini-Hauch don’t take the decision to change brands and brokerages lightly. Here’s what she learned about RE/MAX that helped her decide:

The fee structure at her RE/MAX brokerage supports both team and personal-business growth.

The value of fee-free leads from can’t be overstated.

The RE/MAX services and tools, like The RE/MAX Collection, make it easy to market and develop her team, and gain more exposure for her listings.


David De Leeuw was already an established, high-performing real estate agent in Winnipeg, Manitoba, when he made the move to RE/MAX last December. He thought life was pretty good at his previous brokerage, Royal LePage, but the transition opened his eyes to how much he had been missing.

“Royal LePage was falling behind in services it provided me,” he says. “The difference with RE/MAX is night and day.”

At his new brokerage, RE/MAX Professionals in Winnipeg, the office’s responsiveness and seamless integration of technology and processes has helped De Leeuw be more efficient.

“I can bring a listing into the office, and within a day the title has been searched and emailed to me,” he says. “The brokerage has the listing up and on the MLS website, all of my marketing feature sheets are taken care of, all of my signage is ready – and that’s just in the first 24 hours.

“The staff is geared to ensuring that we can get our jobs done.”

De Leeuw specializes in luxury homes, and having the distinct signage and sophisticated marketing that come with The RE/MAX Collection is a major advantage over his competitors, De Leeuw says.

“Everyone in Canada knows RE/MAX and the Balloon,” he says. “Winnipeg is a reputation-oriented city, and a trusted brand matters to clients.”

One place De Leeuw loves seeing the RE/MAX Balloon is at sporting events. He even played in a RE/MAX hockey tournament in Vancouver with other agents from all over Western Canada. That kind of networking and purposeful branding makes De Leeuw glad he joined RE/MAX. The network, he says, fits his driven nature.

“I’m an all-in type of person; if I’m going to do something, whether it’s being a good dad and husband, being a Realtor and serving my clients, working on my cottage, or just playing hockey, I go for it all the way.”

David De Leeuw


Top performers like David De Leeuw can go anywhere they’d like. Here’s why he chose RE/MAX:

Network and interoffice support means agents can concentrate on what they do best: helping their clients.

RE/MAX cuts through the clutter to offer agents technology that makes an impact.

Especially in highly competitive markets, reputation and brand awareness can make all the difference.

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