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Today, RE/MAX, LLC announced the hiring of Chief Customer Officer Nick Bailey. Here are his thoughts.

At the start of this year, I made a big decision to step down from my role as CEO of a well-established and respected real estate brand – not for another opportunity, but for my family, who calls Colorado home. Some speculated where I might wind up, knowing Colorado was also home to RE/MAX, my former stomping grounds. The truth is, I didn’t have a specific plan in mind. What I did know, though, was that whatever I pursued next would need to combine my passion for real estate with my entrepreneurial spirit.

“I have one job: to help lead the RE/MAX network in all aspects of growth – market share, agent count, brand presence and more.” – RE/MAX CCO Nick Bailey

That entrepreneurial spirit got me into this industry in the first place. When I was just 17, I saw the opportunity in real estate and pieced together savings from my more traditional teenage jobs to begin buying properties. The business quickly became my passion. At 21, I earned my sales license and started my career as an agent. Over the next two-plus decades, I became a broker, a franchiser, a real estate tech executive, and eventually the head of a major worldwide real estate brand.

A pivotal 12-year stretch of that journey was at RE/MAX Headquarters in Denver. My involvement with the network helped shape the foundation I’ve relied on throughout my career. RE/MAX embodies the entrepreneurial spirit at all levels, which has driven so much of its success as a business that builds businesses.

That’s a big reason I said yes when the opportunity presented itself to rejoin the RE/MAX team and help other entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

I have one job: to help lead the RE/MAX network in all aspects of growth – market share, agent count, brand presence and more. To a large degree, this entails helping brokers and agents maximize RE/MAX tools, training, technology and culture to make their careers more rewarding and their lives easier.

The noise in our industry requires strong leaders to focus on the most impactful services and competitive advantages. The foundation of what Dave and Gail Liniger started in 1973 – a mix of professionalism, innovation, productivity and leading from the front – is completely relevant in today’s industry. In fact, it might be more important than ever.

My goal beginning today is to build on this great foundation by creating clear, actionable goals and targets for everyone within the network, ensuring RE/MAX is the No. 1 brand in all aspects of the industry.

I love brokers and agents. I was one. I am one, and my passion for what they do and how they do it is what drives my never-ending enthusiasm for this business.

And that’s why I’ve come to home to RE/MAX.



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Such an honor to have you on board! You have joined our network at an exciting and pivotal time! Looking forward to great things!

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