CNHS: The First Step Toward New Construction Deals

If you want a  piece of the action in the new-homes market, begin with the  Certified New Home Specialist Program through RE/MAX University

By Kelly Wheeler

Thanks to a partnership with Dennis Walsh & Associates, one of the industry’s premier consulting and training groups, RE/MAX off€ers agents 24/7 access and discounted rates for new-home education through RE/MAX University.

“Getting the training to successfully work with builders, developers and new-home buyers is essential if agents want to be competitive in this changing market,” CEO Dennis Walsh says.

In a special off€er, the Certified New Home Specialist Program for RE/MAX is available to RE/MAX Affiliates at steeply discounted rates – with two great packages to choose from.

The training provides agents with the knowledge, skills, strategies, tools and marketing ideas to successfully expand their new-home business. Working with new homes often benefits an agent’s resale business, as the majority of new-home buyers have an existing home to sell.

Walsh cites a recent survey across 25 metro areas revealing that 19 percent of buyers are interested in purchasing only new homes, along with another 35 percent who are interested in both new construction and existing homes.

“If 54 percent of buyers want to at least consider a new home, it is ludicrous to ignore this market segment,” Walsh says.

CNHS chart (2)

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