Clients Cheer C-21 Vet’s Move to RE/MAX

The powerful RE/MAX brand had this California star seeing red, white and blue.

By Amy Reinink | May 05, 2016

For almost three decades, Stacey Cimino-Rosas had a regular refrain: “You know I’m a Century 21 girl.”
Just two years after starting her career in her dad’s San Dimas, California office, Cimino-Rosas became a Century 21 broker and launched her journey to the top: She received the highest award for sales achievement – every year from 1994 to 2015; she closed the region’s most $1 million-plus transactions in a recent 20-month span; and, in 2014, her closed sales volume was nearly $30 million – an average of $1.2 million per transaction.

Then her home office was bought out in 2015, and Cimino-Rosas decided it was time to give Robert Harder a call at RE/MAX.

Sign of the Times

Harder, the Co-Owner of RE/MAX Innovation in San Dimas, California, had been interested in bringing Cimino-Rosas on board for years. But she always had the same answer. She insisted Century 21 was in her blood.

But when it came down to it, and she did start looking for a new home brokerage after the sale last year, there was only one place she considered.

“You see a lot of red, white and blue signs around these days, and you see a lot of activity around those signs,” Cimino-Rosas says. “I saw a lot of superstars at RE/MAX, and a lot of mentors for me. I just felt like, especially for my clients with high-end homes, this change would be the best way to serve them.”

Cimino-Rosas asked a few of her clients for their opinion on whether the move was a good idea – and she received overwhelmingly positive feedback, noting RE/MAX exposure and its reputation.

Confident in her decision, Cimino-Rosas joined RE/MAX Innovation in December 2015, bringing with her a history of top performance and an active roster of clients.

Brand Advantages

stacey cimino-rosasCimino-Rosas says the sale of her Century 21 office came at a time when she was searching for a way to better promote her high-end listings on a national and international scale. She loved what RE/MAX was doing to set apart luxury listings with The RE/MAX Collection.

“When you carry a high-end home, you don’t just need contacts in California – you need fellow agents around the world to help,” Cimino-Rosas says. “I knew that working with RE/MAX was a way to get these listings more national and international exposure.”

Cimino-Rosas says Harder and his wife and co-owner, Stephanie, shined a spotlight on the resources available through The RE/MAX Collection, from distinctive signage to brochures and other marketing materials for luxury homes. Cimino-Rosas says she hopes to start using The RE/MAX Collection for her own listings soon.

“Robert told me: ‘Let RE/MAX back up your listings. That’s what the tools are here for,’” Cimino-Rosas says. “He told me, ‘You’re now in a position where you can be networking with other RE/MAX agents from around the world.’”

Cimino-Rosas says she also liked the maximum commission concept at RE/MAX. She says it allows freedom and flexibility for top-producing agents, who can focus on taking care of customers.

“You see a lot of red, white and blue signs around these days, and you see a lot of activity around those signs.”-Stacey Cimino-Rosas

“When an agent doesn’t have outside pressure to make a sale, they’re going to do more volume,” Cimino-Rosas says. “At the end of the day, you don’t think about: How much did I pay for franchise fees? How much did I spend on advertising? I felt that RE/MAX was a place where I could sell as much as I wanted to, at my own leisure, and keep more of what I earned.”

Harder says Cimino-Rosas’ enthusiasm, experience and work ethic have already proven to be a positive addition to the team.

“She exudes excitement, she’s really funny and she has a great personality, which I think is a big part of why she’s been so successful,” Harder says. “She also takes a great deal of personal care with her clients. I can tell she really cares about their goals, and she puts them first.”

Cimino-Rosas believes the brand recognition, arsenal of marketing tools, and franchise structure will re-energize the next phase of her career.

“I figure I’m at the halfway point of my career – why not see what I can do with the second half to make it even better than the first?” she says. “And I’m in the right place to make it happen.”



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Stacey was born to be successful , year after year and a positive attitude contributes even further for her to obtain her goals.. good luck your dad

Stacey is the best at what she does! Not only is she excellent at Real Estate sales and marketing, but she puts her heart into all she does. Not easy to find that level of dedication and professionalism.

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