Bullies Beware: This Couple Means Business

Ohio agent delivers an anti-bullying message to stop teen violence

By Rebecca L. Olgeirson
Phil Chalmers
BULLYPROOF Phil and Wendi Chalmers lead school programs to help curb teen violence.

Most of us know a bully when we see one. Phil Chalmers knows how to stop one. Chalmers, a Sales Associate with RE/MAX Traditions in Aurora, Ohio, devotes his off-hours to preventing teen violence through high-intensity school assemblies and specialized police training.

A troubled kid himself, Chalmers altered his own life path thanks to mentors in his hometown of Cleveland. Soon after graduating high school, he began helping teenagers at community and church events. And following the horrific school shootings at Colorado’s Columbine High School in 1999, Chalmers decided he could, and should, do more.

“I came from an unstable home,” Chalmers says. “But I turned my life around and decided I wanted to help change other people’s lives.”

He’s made a real difference for thousands of teenagers.

Chalmers researched troubled teens for a 2009 book titled Inside the Mind of a Teen Killer, and became a leading expert and media resource on teen violence. The research also led Chalmers to what he says is his true calling: speaking directly to kids about preventing bullying, spotting peers who may become violent and potentially saving lives.

“I speak to kids in their language,” Chalmers says. “It’s an edgy program, but it’s designed to grab the attention of a desensitized generation.”

Often accompanied by a DJ and rappers, Chalmers brings his “Sudden Impact Team” to address high schoolers through his “True Lies” program tour. Clad in black uniforms, the team spends the day at the school hosting separate events for parents, teachers and administrators. Chalmers also works with law enforcement groups nationwide to train officers on the warning signs and triggers of violent teens.

Licensed in real estate since 1993, Chalmers also carries his anti-bullying message to his business, which he shares with wife, Wendi, a former school principal he met at one of his programs. His marketing proclaims he’s “Bullyproof.” And he donates a portion of each commission to anti-bullying causes. It’s become Chalmers’ calling card in the community.

“I’m known for it now,” Chalmers says. “People are proud of what we stand for, and they want to be a part of it.”

Learn more about Chalmers’ campaign to end teen violence. 


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