Driven to Build Business and Expand Your Career? RU Learning Tracks Are for You

What do top producing agents have in common? A commitment to continuous development and training. It’s what sets them apart, and it’s why RE/MAX University created its new and exclusive online platform – Learning Tracks.

Whether an agent is setting the foundation for their business or driving it higher, anyone will find the instruction they need here. Each course was developed in-house by the RU team, focusing on teaching skills proven to be critical to success as a real estate professional.

“We know people who are learning based are more successful,” Amy Somerville, RE/MAX Vice President, Education and Training, said at the 2018 R4 Opening General Session. “Learning Tracks is a new addition that takes learning to the next level. The program focuses on the complete life cycle of an agent and is self-powered and self-paced. It provides checklists, scripts, every type of tool you can think of.”

Each track is offered online and at-your-own-pace. That means you can work on completing the course when it’s most convenient for you. Video content keeps you engaged, quizzes and checklists help you retain information and – possibly most importantly – checklists after each section keep you accountable to taking action.

Two tracks are currently available, with many more in development. Here are two you can access right now through MAX/Center on the RU homepage. See the video promotion here.

Take Flight:

Geared toward agents who are relatively new to the industry, Take Flight can also benefit experienced agents interested in sharpening their skills in key areas, like business planning, open houses and prospecting. A global version of this track is available to affiliates outside the U.S.

The 18 steps in Take Flight provide participants with an incredibly strong foundation to launch their careers. The online content takes roughly 10 hours to finish, and covers topics including marketing, geographic farming, working with sellers, executing closings and much, much more!

New to RE/MAX:

New to RE/MAX familiarizes agents with RE/MAX – the company, brand, network and all the support it offers.

This free, 10-step track educates agents on the many benefits of RE/MAX, including an industry-leading brand, lead generation and technology tools and innovative education.

More to come!

Learning Tracks on Teams, Succession Planning and many more are already in the works. Stay tuned as more courses are rolled out in the coming weeks.


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Driven to build business and expand your career? RU Learning Tracks are for you

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