How RE/MAX Boosts This Agent’s Star Power

At the climax of the 2012 movie “Argo,” a soldier wildly shoves airport passengers to stop a group of Americans from leaving Iran during the U.S. hostage crisis in 1980.

The actor who played that soldier is much gentler in real life. He’s not the kind of person who’d shove you aside – he’d help you buy or sell a home. In 2015, after stints in Hollywood and several political appointments in Washington, D.C., Brandon Tabassi took on his current role: RE/MAX Associate.

He’s playing the part well. In 2016, Tabassi closed 33 transaction sides. By August 2017, he was on target to close $25 million in sales volume for the year. He was even named a 2017 finalist for REALTOR magazine’s “30 Under 30,” which honors rising stars in real estate.

RE/MAX Plays a Supporting Role

Brandon Tabassi and Mehr Tabassi

Tabassi, 28, leads the Tabassi Team at RE/MAX Partners in Andover, Massachusetts. One member is his mom, Mehr Tabassi, who’s been an agent since 1987. Mehr worked with a different brokerage before her son entered the industry, but Brandon had his eyes on RE/MAX for a number of reasons.

Chief among them: to distinguish himself.

“I needed to be free to make all of my own business and creative decisions because I wanted to stand out,” Tabassi says. “RE/MAX gave me the platform to do that.”

For instance, he sought control over his marketing materials, both to promote his team and his clients’ properties.

“What I found at other brokerages is that everyone uses the same format, and I’ve never liked to conform to what others are doing,” he says. He adds that his materials, created using RE/MAX Design Center, impress not only clients but also people who visit his open houses.

The strength of the RE/MAX brand is also a big advantage, especially with international clients.

“It helps tremendously that my clients have RE/MAX in their home countries,” he says. “Because they see it everywhere at home, they know it must be good.”

Embracing Technology and Data

Rick Coco, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Partners, credits Tabassi for not only being “very bright,” but also “acutely aware” of both technology and market trends.

For example, Tabassi often uses FaceTime to show homes to clients relocating from other cities. He also ensures his listings get broad exposure through multiple online search portals like The RE/MAX Collection website and

On the data front, Tabassi speaks with brokers in other cities to better understand the mentality of corporate transferees. He asks about the degree of leverage buyers and sellers have in their markets, which can help him manage expectations when they come to his area.

Tabassi studies market trends and statistics for a few dozen towns around Boston, including school rankings, capital appreciation of homes, and buyer preferences. The information prepares him to price homes and provide insight to buyers looking for investments.

You have to be responsive, especially in hotter markets – because time is always critical. And people appreciate your quick attention.Brandon Tabassi

An Agent and Friend

Tabassi sees candor as an asset.

“I think you have to be brutally honest sometimes, and people in general are afraid to do that,” he says. “I’m able to do it with empathy and a smile, and my clients tell me they appreciate my honesty.”

That openness is part of an approach called “20-year friend” he learned from an acting teacher.

“With everybody you meet, treat them as if they’ve been your friend for 20 years,” he says. “It makes a huge difference and really means something to a lot of people.”

One demonstration of “20-year friend”: Tabassi makes it habit to answer calls and emails quickly.

“You have to be responsive, especially in hotter markets – because time is always critical. And people appreciate your quick attention.”

That sure sounds like someone destined to be a star.



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