Get to Know the Brains Behind booj

Behind the industry-leading tech of the booj Platform are some of the top minds in the industry. Get to know 11 boojers devoted to creating and perfecting cutting-edge products for RE/MAX Affiliates.


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Dhruv Chanchani, Creative Director

What he does: Dhruv works to create aesthetically pleasing, best-in-industry products for the booj Platform. He helps oversee the design team responsible for the look and feel of booj products for RE/MAX.

Outside of work: Dhruv enjoys cycling, rock climbing, hiking, going to concerts, taking photos, reading and watching movies.

Personal motto: “Always stay curious.”

Abby Lawson, Design Manager

What she does: Abby co-manages the design team with Dhruv. Abby’s careful eye is behind the look of booj products.

Outside of work: Abby is an avid traveler, always planning her family’s next adventure. Between travels, she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking with her husband and 2-year-old daughter.

Personal motto: “Do what you love.”

Amanda Heersink, Maintenance Manager

What she does: Amanda is the website product owner for the booj Platform. She manages the development team building the tools for RE/MAX agent, team and office websites.

Outside of work: Amanda spends as much time as possible with her miniature dachshund and on most weekends, she can be found with friends trying a new Denver brunch spot.

Personal motto: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Sean O’Toole, R&D Engineer

What he does: Sean is a key decision-maker in the infrastructure of booj tools. He works in DevOps, API development and more. He constantly thinks of how to make tools bigger and better than all others in the market.

Outside of work: Sean enjoys programming, brewing beer, cooking and tabletop gaming.

Personal motto: “Twenty-two points, plus triple-word score, plus fifty points for using all my letters. Game’s over. I’m outta here.”

Serena Cowell, CRM Product Owner

What she does: Serena’s goal is to ensure RE/MAX agents have the best CRM on the market supporting their business. She keeps her eye on the long-term roadmap for success and staying competitive.

Outside of work: Serena spends free time with family and friends, and stays busy with hobbies including travel, reading nonfiction, meditation, yoga and DIY projects.

Personal motto: “Be an inspiration for Adeline.” (her 1-year-old daughter)

Angelica Olmsted, Project Manager

What she does: Angelica is the liaison between booj and RE/MAX. She oversees and works across teams to bring the booj Platform to life.

Outside of work: Angelica loves camping, hiking, eating and traveling with her husband (also a boojer, who you’ll meet next!) and two dogs.

Personal motto:  “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” ― Albus Dumbledore

Tyler Olmsted, Production Manager

What he does: Tyler keeps a birds-eye view of booj products and facilitates communication and work across teams. He also heads the mobile team developing the cutting-edge home search app for RE/MAX customers.

Outside of work: Tyler plays bass in his band, Neon Sines, programs and enjoys exploring the outdoors with his wife Angelica and their two dogs.

Personal motto: “Always be satisfied, never be settled.”


Chris Robak, System Architect

What he does: Chris has a hand in every booj product developed for RE/MAX. He works behind each product in DevOps, Security and infrastructure. His goal is to bring developers’ creation to execution in the real world.

Outside of work: Chris likes biking around town, cooking and playing piano.

Personal motto: “Have you tried rebooting it?”

Jason Argo, CRM Manager

What he does: Jason heads the team building campaigns for the booj Platform that will allow agents to stay connected to their client base.

Outside of work: When he’s not outside hiking, biking or playing on the booj volleyball team, Jason spends free time watching movies or playing video games.

Personal Motto: “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”


Amanda Zaske, Marketing Director

What she does: Amanda oversees marketing content for the booj Platform. She and her team develop content for agent, team and office websites, CRM campaigns and more.

Outside of work: Amanda is a craft hobbyist, always looking for new creative outlets. She also regularly enjoys discovering new coffee shops and being in the Colorado sunshine with her husband and dog.

Personal Motto: “What you focus on expands.”

Jon Landvogt, R&D Technical Manager

What he does: Jon manages timelines and resources for the CRM development team. His priority is to improve processes and collaboration between team members to ensure consistency and a seamless user experience with booj products.

Outside of work: In his free time, you can find Jon outdoors, likely on top of a mountain somewhere. He enjoys climbing and hiking mountains all over the world!

Personal Motto: “If you can see it and dream it, climb it.”



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