A Look Back: The booj Alpha Journey

More than 1,700 participants took part in Alpha testing, providing the booj Product Team with invaluable insights for fine-tuning the different components of a far-reaching, comprehensive tech ecosystem. Here’s an overview:

Doing Things Differently

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From the beginning, the booj Product Team has been laser-focused on developing the industry’s premier technology system. To this end, the team implemented a highly iterative feedback system among testers for each feature set.

Alpha participants tested a wide variety of functions, providing insights on workflows, ease of use, and how the tools would (or wouldn’t) fit into their day-to-day business – while also uncovering bugs and glitches.

In total, more than 25 feature enhancements (so far) have been made based on Alpha feedback, including changes and upgrades in terminology, workflows, page layout and more.

Putting Features to the Test

Since testing started in November, a total of 10 key functions have undergone Alpha testing, each over a two-week cycle.

Deal Pipeline (tracking and managing deals)

Tasks and Task Lists (managing and tracking to-do lists)

Contact Record (managing contacts and their information)

Contact List Views (organizing contacts according to various criteria)

Contact Import Wizard (bulk importing of contacts)

Events (managing events and calendars)

Website CMS (agent website customization and administration tools)

Website Navigation

Email Marketing Campaigns

Task Plans


Off-the-Charts Participation

The Alpha test group was highly engaged, with testers trying out the products and offering feedback. Participation averaged double tech industry standard rates, reaching upwards of 75% during the process.

Easy to Use? You Bet!

A streamlined, intuitive user interface and functionality has been a focus of development from day one. All told, across the different booj functions, more than 90% of testers have rated the product as easy to use.

They Said It …

From the testers themselves:

"I liked the look and feel. It seemed intuitive and each item was right where I thought it should be…I don’t think training on this system would be a problem at all!” – S.S.

"Seems very simple and straightforward … I like the way everything can be done from within the CRM. So far so good!” – R.S.

"The ability to search and customize the (task) list any way you want is awesome.” – B.B.

"Loved saving the searches and how easy it is to search or view deals! Wish our current system did this!” – H.H.

"Great way of keeping your old white board electronically! Love it!” – K.M.

"I like the overall ease of use, clean look, views options, drag and drop, and the fewer clicks to do something the better!!!” – G.B.

"The UI is very user-friendly with a pleasing appearance. Very powerful tool – offers some of the most important things we utilize in the business.” – M.M.

"Amazing … My agents will be thrilled with this tool!” – T.R.

"This system is so easy to use!! You don’t have to go digging 5 tabs deep to find the tools!!” – L.R.


Beta and Beyond

With Alpha testing in the rearview mirror, the booj Product Team is preparing for Beta testing, launching in the coming weeks. Beta testers will test more fully developed products and features, covering functionality including the CRM and websites.

Beta represents the final stage of testing before the booj product begins rolling out late summer, but product development doesn’t end there.

The booj launch is just that – the beginning of a journey. The booj system will be ever-evolving, with developers constantly innovating and implementing new technologies and systems to stay ahead of changing markets and consumer needs. User involvement will remain a key component every step of the way, with regular surveys, interviews, focus groups and more.

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Curtis, we are not in a company owned region and from what I understand it will be available to all regions at some point but it will be up to the privately owned regions to decide whether they want it or not.

Thanks for the update! I look forward to getting my turn at it. My team pays a fair amount for a CRM system and booj appears to be on track to replace it!

Will Booj have the ability to create a snail mail marketing campaign by printing envelopes? Does it include a “newsletter” we can send? Looking forward to the rollout!

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