booj: 4 Takeaways from Adam Contos Live!

Adam Contos Live

You’ve got questions about booj, and RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos has answers. In the latest Adam Contos Live! broadcast on Facebook, Adam sat down with Pete Crowe, RE/MAX EVP of Business and Product Strategy, and “boojer” Tyler Olmsted for an in-depth discussion about the recently acquired tech company. The trio discussed booj processes and products, and responded to viewer questions along the way.

Here are 4 takeaways from the broadcast.

Goal: Best-In-Class Service
Among the primary goals for RE/MAX is to provide both the best online and offline experience for brokers, agents and consumers. With the industry’s top-producing and most-experienced agents, RE/MAX already has a second-to-none offline experience. RE/MAX purchased booj in order to offer a one-stop technology platform that combines the power of the RE/MAX brand with booj’s best-in-class real estate technology.

Your Input is Important
Process in tech development is everything, and you’re invited to engage in the development of the platform every step of the way – through alpha and beta testing, launch and beyond. Launch is just the beginning. RE/MAX will work with the network to gather continual feedback for ongoing refinement of products. Interested in being part of a test group? Email

Core Products: CRM and More
Booj is developing a custom-built, integrated platform with products that interact and evolve with one another. Included will be a CRM integrated with agent, office and team websites, lead cultivation tools, marketing resources, social integration and more.

Rollout Scheduled for 2019 (noted in the viewer comments section)
A select group of agents and owners will assist with alpha testing later this year, followed by a larger group of agents and owners assisting in a beta phase early next year. Full rollout out will begin next May/June and continue throughout 2019.

Be sure to tune in to Adam’s next Facebook Live, covering RE/MAX multicultural programs, on Thursday, July 26, at 1:30 p.m. (MT).



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