Automated Social Posting? Check! Engaging content? Check!

RE/MAX is offering the new Social Prompt program for FREE to agents through an exclusive partnership with BombBomb. Agents and brokers can now leverage professionally produced, timely, brand-aligned posts that are designed, written, and posted on their behalf.

Here’s how it works:

  1. RE/MAX creates branded, compelling Facebook content (approximately 4 posts per month)
  2. You are notified that content is available through BombBomb
  3. You approve, edit or cancel the post accordingly
  4. Upon approval, the content is automatically posted to your Facebook feed
  5. The posts link to your personal landing page, and you receive all resulting leads

Social Prompt saves you time and money while providing value to your sphere of influence.  You remain in complete control over your messaging throughout the process, while still having the convenience of someone doing it for you.

Interested? Click here for more information and to sign up now.

Want more details? Click here to watch a 30-minute webinar.



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Signed up a while back for Social Prompt, but have not yet seen any posts to my Facebook business page, or my personal page. I do however, get the text messages saying it will be posting.

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