The 11 Best Real Estate Apps for Building a Business on the Go

By Josh Stengl, RE/MAX Technology Trainer

You may have an office address on your business cards – but how often are you actually sitting at your desk?

Building a real estate business is a round the clock hustle of showing appointments, listing presentations and running across town to make any number of meetings. Fortunately, a whole world of apps make it easier than ever to conduct business from your phone and tablet. From collecting digital signatures to creating powerful client touch points, it’s all available in the palm of your hand. Here are the 11 best real estate apps for any agent building a business on-the-go.

Send a handwritten card from your mobile device.
It couldn’t be easier: Choose a card design (you can even upload a photo), use your stylus or finger to write a personal note – including the address – and hit send. The message is printed in ink that looks like it came from a pen and a first-class stamp is hand-applied to each envelope.

Show You’re the local expert.

Create an interactive map highlighting your recommendations for restaurants, grocery shopping and more. It’s a great way to showcase a listing’s proximity to schools, coffeeshops and other neighborhood hotspots.

Give more depth to images you share on social.

If you’re looking for a baby-step toward video, here it is. This app lets you add a quick soundbite to listing photos (or anything else Instagram worthy) to provide more details and instantly engage visitors.

Create accurate floor plans from photos.

All you need is a camera phone to create floor plans perfect for uploading to listings. It only takes a few minutes!

Send a message directly to your client’s voicemail.

We all know a phone call is more personal than a text, but it’s also more time consuming. Slydial meets you in the middle by recording your quick update and sending it straight to your client’s voicemail box – no phone call required.

Smart mileage tracking for taxes.

Activate the app at the beginning of a trip (or manually enter mileage later) for a simple way to track your business miles.

Secure password manager.

Easily – and securely – log in to your favorite apps, sites and online resources. LastPass is available on your computer and mobile device.

Get creative with virtual tours.

You don’t need a professional videographer to create virtual tours your clients will love. Upload photos to Animoto to create a polished video that’s perfect for social sharing.

Keep important documents organized.

Scan and save important documents as hi-res PDFs – easy to email, print or save to your cloud storage system. Need a signature on those forms? DocuSign allows clients to digitally sign documents. It’s safe, secure and legally binding.)

Digitally copy keys.

Scan a key to create a digital copy in the app, then pick up at kiosks located at 7-Eleven, Rite Aid, Safeway and more. Pretty slick!

Virtual staging from your phone.

Add another dimension to listing images with more than 500 pieces of virtual, 3D furniture pieces to choose from.


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