Associate Values Personal Touch of Motto Mortgage Firm

A Texas agent is glad his clients have advantage of service, convenience and choice

By Cameron Orr
Norma Hinojosa (front row, second from left) celebrates with RE/MAX Elite and Motto Mortgage Prime Affiliates.

If something helps accomplish his clients’ dreams, Duncan Lozano is all for it. So when Motto Mortgage Prime opened up next to his RE/MAX office, the perennial 100% Club member was willing to give it a try.

Now he’s recommending Motto Mortgage Prime to all of his clients.

Duncan Lozano

“The convenience is great,” Lozano says. “Having a Motto Mortgage office next door means the loan originators are always in touch. The line of communication is phenomenal. They’re always ready to help, thinking ahead to the next step in the transaction.”

Lozano, an Associate with RE/MAX Elite in Mission, Texas, says that attention to detail extends to the personal approach the loan originator takes with his clients.

“When I met Eva Alaniz, the loan originator, I knew I could work perfectly with her,” he says. “Even my buyers were amazed with how quickly their deal closed.”

Broker/Owner Norma Hinojosa, who also heads RE/MAX Elite, opened Motto Mortgage Prime in June 2017, making it the first Motto Mortgage office in the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas. Lozano’s confidence in Hinojosa’s leadership first sparked his interest in Motto Mortgage Prime.

“I know how professional Norma is, and I trusted her to hire a smart, experienced loan originator,” Lozano says, noting that Hinojosa sets the tone at both operations.  “A huge aspect of working with Motto Mortgage Prime is having an experienced loan originator who pays attention to detail and works diligently on our clients’ behalf.”

Lozano has some simple advice for other RE/MAX Associates looking to get the most from an affiliated Motto Mortgage brokerage.

“Just state everything up front with the originator. Be honest and set expectations right away to ensure your clients can be helped the way they need to be.”

In the end, he says, RE/MAX agents and Motto Mortgage loan originators all have the same goal: to make clients’ dreams come true. And that, he says, gives him “the opportunity to grow professionally and make new friends for life.”


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