ABOVE Global Edition – Spring 2016

Larry Oberly RE/MAX
Larry Oberly
RE/MAX Vice President, Global Development

April 2016

Superstars abound at RE/MAX.  We saw that demonstrated as hundreds of RE/MAX Broker/Owners and Sales Associates were awarded for their incredible growth and sales success in 2015. And, the RE/MAX spirit shined brightly throughout the entire 2016 R4 Convention in Las Vegas. Read below, and throughout the Global Edition of ABOVE, for details on your amazing achievements last year and the highlights of the R4 Convention.

In 2015, our sales associates outside the U.S. and Canada grew by 3,375; a net gain of over 15%. Residential transactions grew by over 14% and sales volume grew by over 18%. And, the average number of sales associates per office increased by over 11%.

For you individually outside the U.S. and Canada, there was a dramatic increase in the number of sales associates that achieved RE/MAX club award recognition. The number of sales associates earning a club award for 2015 versus for 2014 increased by 23%. Moreover, the number of sales associates earning the equivalent of US $500,000 increased by an amazing 51%.

Our success was both network and region-wide. Your success was demonstrated in more sales associates per office, more overall transactions and sales volume, and more income for so many more of our RE/MAX members. Congratulations!

16_83655 STD R4 2017Superstars attract other superstars. Success breeds success. Last year, our success and your success demonstrated what can be accomplished over a single year.

Make 2015 a stepping stone for even more success this year. Make each other better by sharing tips, tricks and best practices with each other.  The old sailor’s saying, “A high tide raises all ships” applies so well within RE/MAX. Let’s continue to rise together.

One last thing.  Here is save-the-date information about the 2017 R4 Convention. Click to download the PDF. The best of RE/MAX put money aside from every sale in order to attend the annual R4 convention.  This is the year you should do the same.


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