A Tiny Home for Tiny Tots helps Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in a BIG Way

Virtual tour provided by HouseLens, a Matterport service provider.

We have a winner! Shari Norvell and her husband, Scott, from Oklahoma placed the winning bid of $47,005. The other 289 bidders aren’t too disappointed as all the proceeds from the sale will go to help kids! The Norvells are planning to use the Tiny Home to support their Blue Flame 47 ministry. They are incredibly excited about getting the home and sharing it with their congregation.

The next time you have a client looking for their 2-bed, 1-bath, attached garage starter home, don’t let them overlook the loft-bed, half-bath, bike to work option. In fact, RE/MAX already has a property in mind.  

On July 26, The RE/MAX Tiny Home for Tiny Tots will go up for online auction. Proceeds from the sale will benefit longtime RE/MAX Charitable partner Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

From blueprint to interior design, the 280 square foot home was constructed by students at Henry Ford College in Dearborn, MI, just outside of Detroit. With space-saving appliances, a farm-house kitchen sink and an 80-square foot sleeping loft, the home is sure to appeal to the minimalist tastes that have inspired many to join the tiny home movement.

 “We saw an opportunity to join the conversation around Tiny Homes and use the buzz for a good cause,” says Cory Vasquez, Director of Public Relations and Social Media for RE/MAX, LLC. “It’s really a win-win for everyone: The students have an amazing learning opportunity, RE/MAX will have a great story to help build our social presence, and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals will receive funds to help the tiniest of patients receive the care they need.”

In this new promotional video, Tiny RE/MAX Agents take you on a tour of the home:

 RE/MAX agents can participate in the campaign by sharing social graphics, promoting the auction link, or even building their own Tiny Play House and either holding an auction or donating it to their local hospital.



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