8 Ways to Prepare for Month of Miracles in August


Month of Miracles is just around the corner – are you ready?

There are a number of resources available as you prepare to promote your support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals this August.

Here are 8 ways to get a head start:

1. Get comfortable on the new Miracle System – It’s now live, and the fully upgraded donation center for RE/MAX agents and offices who support their local CMN Hospital is the foundation of the Miracle Home and Miracle Property programs. Log in, set up your preferred payment method, and understand how to make donations and Honor Card contributions. Watch the Miracle System how-to videos (they’re all really short!).

2. Use your marketing tools and official logos – There’s a new Miracle Home & Miracle Property Program Benefits website at resources.miraclehomeprogram.org. You’ll find everything you need right there!

3. Order discounted Miracle sign riders – A number of RE/MAX Approved Suppliers are offering a 10-percent discount or greater on Miracle Home, Miracle Property and Luxury Miracle Home sign riders. It’s a great time to make sure all of your yard signs have one of these distinctive and meaningful riders. Download the Miracle Sign Riders Discount flier for full details.

4. Label Miracle Homes on remax.com – Make every listing a Miracle listing on remax.com through your LeadStreet account. If you’re not sure how to label Miracle listings in your LeadStreet account, contact your Region or email eCare@remax.net.

5. Customize Design Center pieces – There are dozens of customizable general CMN Hospitals materials – as well as several Month of Miracles options – in the RE/MAX Design Center to help you promote yourself as an agent who gives back.

6. Learn more about the partnership – Whether you’re just starting to explore how you can support CMN Hospitals through your per-transaction donations or you’ve been doing it for years, the Miracle Home & Miracle Property Program Benefits website is a great new resource for understanding how the programs work – and how you can maximize them to benefit local kids and your business.

7. Schedule a visit to your local hospital – There’s nothing more motivating and inspiring than seeing your donations at work at your local CMN Hospital. To connect with your local hospital to schedule a visit or even an event, search the hospital database at cmnhospitals.org using your zip code.

8. Share your miracle story – What motivates you to give? What was the turning point for you in your decision to support CMN Hospitals through your RE/MAX business? Submit your story now.


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