8 Tips to Win Exclusive Listings

1. Know your value proposition

Before approaching potential clients, know your pitch – the what, the why and the how — on how you’ll serve them. Articulate what you can offer above and beyond other agents.

2. Focus on what you do better

Explain how your business is different, and stress the professionalism of how you work. For example, explain how you work to protect clients by pre-screening buyers for security and safety.

3. Tap the global power of RE/MAX

Look for leads from developed countries that are more likely to know the RE/MAX brand; they will be more receptive to working with you. RE/MAX has a global reach and well-established credibility throughout the countries it operates in.

4. Look for business in unexpected places

Vacant properties or homes that have previously been on the market and didn’t sell (expired listings) are great sources of new business.

5. Narrow your client prospects

Enhance your probabilities of success by working with “A” clients. Professionals who have steady jobs at well-respected organizations and corporations will likely recognize the value you offer as a fellow professional. They’ll be more inclined to work with you exclusively rather than an agent who has no structured business model and is looking to make a quick commission.

6. Have a strong marketing plan in place for listings

To earn repeat and new business, ensure you’re marketing your listings well, whether it’s online, via social media, in print or with traditional signage. Get to work right away so your clients see your value and know you’re actively trying to sell their home.

7. Ask for testimonials after every closing

Don’t be shy about asking each buyer or seller with whom you work to share their experience. LinkedIn’s Recommendations feature is one of many places to post reviews; use whatever system works best for you (your website, review sites, etc.).

8. Use social media to spread the word

After each closing, share the news on your social media channels. Not only does this satisfy the clients you just helped, it also increases the confidence that prospects will have in your ability to help them.

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