8 Fresh Fundraiser Ideas for CMN Hospitals

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Hey, there’s nothing wrong with the classic bake sale (did someone say fudge brownies 😍?) But if you’re looking to stand out with your office’s next Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraiser, try taking one of these new ideas for a spin.

1. Video Game Tournament

Dust off that classic Nintendo – it’s time to beat your best time in Mario Kart. Charge co-workers a dollar per round of a popular video game, or even set up a formal tournament. Extra Life, an official CMN Hospitals program, can help you set up an online fundraiser. The organization also hosts a 24-hour gaming marathon your office can participate in each fall.

2. Office Trivia Night

Skip the pub and bring trivia night to your office using a board game such as “Scene It” or “Trivial Pursuit.” Raise money by charging admission, selling snacks or beer and consider adding a silent auction.

 3. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

An elegant twist to the classic pancake fundraiser. Lock a piece of Tiffany jewelry in a box and give each guest a key. Whoever has the key that opens the box wins the jewelry! There are several variations on this: You can raise funds by selling multiple keys, charge per plate at the breakfast, place a box at each table – get creative!

4. Bargain Basement Evening Gowns

Collect used formal wear and hold a sale at the office – a perfect event to host during prom season!

5. “Bite Of…” Event

This one is for all you foodies out there. Ask local restaurants to donate food samples and invite the community for a “Bite Of [Your Town]” night. Charge an entry fee, sell raffle tickets or host an auction to add to the fundraising.

6. Private Concert

Invite local musicians to perform at your office, in a park or a popular local haunt. Raise funds by selling tickets and food, and ask if the artists would donate a portion of their merchandise sales to the cause.

7. Spring Bouquets for Mother’s Day

Team up with a local florist to tell Mother’s Day bouquets at a discount or with a portion from the sale donated to CMN Hospitals. Raise additional funds by charging a small delivery fee. Personally dropping bouquets off will make a big impression with former, current and potentially new clients!

8. Employee Calendars

Sell calendars featuring humorous agent photos. Or use personal Miracle Stories from your office. Teldon is a RE/MAX Approved Supplier that specializes in calendars.



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I would like to know more about how to team up with Costco to sponsor a banner at the checkout. All of the agents could pitch in to pay for it and instead of just the Company Name on the Banner we could say something like

The Agents and Staff at RE/MAX Excalibur support the Children’s Miracle Network benefitting the Children’s Hospital at the Tucson Medical Center.

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