7 Ways to Start Strong

Caleb Pearson is just three years into his real estate career, but he’s already topping $250,000 in annual earnings. Here are his tips for new agents:

1. Focus on lead generation. You can’t sit around and expect leads to come to you. Create a schedule and put the time in. You can make a ton of money in this business if you have an entrepreneurial attitude and stick to a schedule.

2. Treat people right. Whether a deal goes through or not, treat people as though they’re your top priority throughout the transaction. You’ll gain referrals for life.

3. Find a mentor. Copy what successful people are doing; there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Find a coach – or sit down with successful people in your office – and follow their lead.

4. Don’t be afraid to cold call. I blocked out two hours first thing in the morning on my calendar to make calls. It’s not the fastest way of finding leads, and not the easiest, but it works if you stick with it.

5. Follow up immediately. It’s critical to stay top of mind when you get a hot lead. I schedule dates for each follow-up email or touch point in Top Producer. Make sure you send items of value in your follow-up emails. People care about how much their house is worth and what the market is doing, so we send a market analysis every three months.

6. Set goals – and stick to them. Focus on growth and getting listings. Having the RE/MAX brand behind you opens the door, but the rest is up to you.

7. Be social. Every time someone sends us a referral, we put it on Facebook and give that person a shout-out. Social media is free, so use it to your advantage. But don’t rely on it as your only avenue for new business.

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Great read and solid tips!
I’m JUST NOW getting into this ”every detail matters” profession and am excited about the future with my local Re-Max 8 colleagues here in Blacksburg, Virginia (Hokies).
After 25 years as a journalist with CBS, NBC, ABC & Fox News, I’m anxious to soak up what others are willing to teach me about this ”every detail matters” profession.
Why? Because every home has a story!
I’m a newbie but I’m also an oldie and if I can ever help you or your compatriots, just reach out!
Adelante! Onward!

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