7 Tips for Working With International Clients

Want to work with more international clients? Consider this advice from two Indiana agents who’re doing it: Jun Liu and Kristina Akopdzhanova.

1. Establish a reputation. International clients will first ask people in their community, here or abroad, for recommendations. Establish a presence in both andprove yourself on previous transactions. Then your name will be mentioned.

2. Speak the language. There’s no way around it – it’s an absolute advantage. Even non-native speakers who take time to learn a language will find it easier to establish a rapport, which leads to a trusting, long-term professional relationship.

3. Know the culture. People may be the same the world over, but customs aren’t. Familiarize yourself with professional and personal etiquette in your clients’ culture, or ally yourself with someone who can advise you about do’s and don’ts.

4. Understand expectations. International clients can have different and distinct priorities. Commercial investors, for example, are often more concerned about the safety of their investment rather than a quick return.

5. Be Patient. Differences in time zones, cultures and certain special requirements can all slow the process, compared with other transactions.

6. Line up help. Global deals often carry special considerations and may require special assistance. Finding an attorney at a title company who is well versed in international law and wiring money from one country to another, for example, is a good move.

7. Make sure you’re on the same page. Allow no room for doubt on any aspect of the deal, including the client’s understanding of terms and agreements, and goals. It’s always better to ask rather than assume.

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