6 Ways to Optimize Your Web-Based Marketing Strategy

Stephanie and Gary Brennan, with RE/MAX Lake Of The Ozarks in Osage Beach, Missouri, have established themselves as the go-to agents in the region with a strategized mix of traditional advertising, an information-packed website and strong follow-through. Here’s a look at how fellow Associates can adapt their approach for their market:

1. Establish yourself as the local expert.

 The Brennans’ hyper-local focus and understanding of what attracts people to the Lake of the Ozarks region – and a lake lifestyle in general – informs every newsletter, website post and advertisement they produce. This high-profile visibility and consistent, clear message shapes perceptions of The Brennan Group as enthusiastic real estate professionals who are eager to assist with information on housing, as well as boating, restaurants and services.

2. Adapt tools to best suit your needs.

The Brennans started with a RE/MAX site template, then made LakeBrennan.com their own with extensive custom content and design. They’ve integrated LeadStreet into the site as a tool to attract visitors and engage them after they arrive. Google Analytics provides a window into performance and insights on which they can capitalize – such as that repeat visitors account for more than half their traffic.

3. Offer a lot, and deliver on your promises.

Keyword research is just a starting point for search engine optimization (SEO). Once a visitor lands on your site through a specific search, it’s even more important to deliver quality content that they can use. LakeBrennan.com, for example, includes more than 250 distinct pages, each developed in response to how someone might search for information about area real estate. Each is filled with succinct, targeted content designed to service the reader.

4. Keep content fresh, succinct and on point.

The Brennans update or add something new to their site at least once a week, both to boost search engine placement and give visitors cause to return. In addition to lifestyle content, the Brennans also provide specifics on details such as when to pay property taxes, dock regulations or winterizing a lakefront home. “Tell them a little, but not too much,” advises Stephanie. “That way if they have questions, it gives them a reason to call us.”

5. Capture their contact information.

Site visitors can browse general information, but must register to learn more about listings or to take virtual tours. This helps the Brennans identify serious prospects, and provides a starting point for making initializing contact and cultivating a relationship.

6. Follow up quickly and strategically.

Once a visitor registers and a dialogue is initiated, the Brennans use LeadStreet to review activity, houses of interest and how much time they spent on various pages. Based on those insights, they then set up a customized search for each contact, which sends alerts as relevant listings hit the market.

Read more about The Brennan Group here.


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