6 Ways to Constantly Generate New Leads

John Gluch of Arizona – the leader of a $25 million-producing team in Arizona, shares tips for revving up your marketing efforts.

1. First, free up your time. “Don’t waste time doing $12 per hour work,” Gluch says. “Once you’re grossing more than $100,000 in commissions, it’s time to hire some help.”

2. Build out your online profiles. You need robust Zillow and Trulia profiles to stay in the game. Having a visible Yelp page (and asking for reviews) is also necessary to positively manage your online reputation. Your website, Facebook profile and other online sites should reflect your image and a lifestyle that potential clients can relate to.

3. Ask for reviews. Make a follow-up call the day after closing to ask how the experience went and, if it was positive, email the client with direct links to your profiles on Zillow, Trulia and Yelp and ask for a review.

4. Communicate often. Show you’re vested in your clients’ lives well after closing day. Gulch’s team uses Salesforce’s PropertyBase for its database management and the Mac app Things for task management to remember important milestones like birthdays and home-buying anniversaries.

5. Reward past clients for their referrals. These referral rewards should be based on the act of providing a referral and not the result, Gluch advises. Also keep the referrer in the loop on the process, which shows past clients that their time and vote of confidence are appreciated.

6. Add value to every interaction. Put useful things like market updates and community newsletters into clients’ hands so they see you as a resource. Having systems in place to automate these value-added touches is helpful, but don’t be afraid to look for new and different marketing methods to try.

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