6 Ways to Attract High-end Buyers

Online marketing savvy and business sense help you reach the top of the luxury market. Here are some top tips:

1. Establish a system and follow through.

Create a system that allows you to respond quickly to online leads. The first five to 10 minutes is crucial. Have a packet or link with information ready to go at a moment’s notice, as well as strategic messages to accompany the packet or link.

2. Measure your return.

Only spend money where you can see a measurable return on your investment.

3. Make sure buyers find what they’re looking for.

Create a landing page on your website specific to locations where prospective luxury buyers will search. Provide a direct and easy way to search local listings in these popular areas.

4. Build a track record. Establish a reputation for working with luxury buyers to win luxury listings.

This will be attractive to sellers because you’ll already have an established buyer pool they want to reach.

5. Avoid misconceptions.

Don’t assume high-end buyers are delegating their home search. Like the $200,000 buyer, luxury buyers more than likely want to be hands-on and want answers to their questions.

6. Manage expectations.

Talk with them about potential bumps in the process, and offer assurance you’ll be there to handle any and all challenges to the best of your abilities. Ultimately, focus on communicating and delivering excellent customer service.



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Article was insightful. I am currently dealing with a high end gated community that my company has exclusivity for and was wondering what avenues you would advise me to use to put my property out there to attract potential leads that fit that criteria. It’s located right next to a golf course, 5 star hotel, right at the shores of lake Victoria, thirty minutes from the airport, 30 minutes to the central business district. Any advice would be welcome?

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