6 Tips to Add Value and Expand Your Network

1. Focus on face-to-face contacts to build trust, strive for a proper balance of high-tech and high-touch communications.

While technology is integral to real estate success, especially for marketing listings, having face-to-face meetings establishes trust. Nothing can replace the value of the education and guidance agents offer their clients throughout the home buying or selling process.

2. Get involved in local politics or other community activities.

Cultivate a wide sphere of influence by getting involved in city politics and councils.

3. Join a professional association and participate actively.

The value of having a voice in the industry and shaping how it works to protect agents, brokers and consumers can legitimize you as a professional.

4. Seek out a mentor, specifically one excelling in an area that captivates you.

Model yourself after established professionals who display superior characteristics that are important to you personally and professionally.

5. Leverage the RE/MAX brand in marketing, referral exchanges and personal encounters.

Consumers recognize RE/MAX as a standout brand, thanks to its reputation for selling more homes than anyone else. RE/MAX gives agents a leg up from the get-go.

6. Cultivate niche partnerships (new-home builders, for example).

Specializing can give you access to exclusive referral agreements.

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