6 Killer Strategies from 2 Inman Ambassadors

Valerie Garcia and Bret Calltharp were among the featured participants at this year’s Real Estate Connect conference in New York. Here are their top insights on networking, social media and technology:

1. Professional networking – Find your tribe of like-minded agents and brokers, and establish and maintain a dialogue with mentors and agents outside your area. Seek out connections with agents who have similar interests and business styles.

2. Social media – Rather than try and be everywhere, pick a handful of social media outlets you’re excited about and focus on those. Wherever you choose to be, consistency is key. Set expectations of when people will see something new from you on a regular basis. When people respond, you know it’s working.

3. Personal branding – Whether people meet you online or offline, the quality of information you provide can turn prospects into buyers and sellers. Create original content – a body of work that you push to social media or distribute as a way of demonstrating your professional expertise. Be genuine, and give people useful information they won’t find elsewhere.

4. Technology – For today’s agent, mobility is the key. A connected device – smartphone, tablet or notebook – is absolutely essential for working with buyers and sellers, on their terms at their convenience. Beyond that, find a CRM system for keeping track of clients and interactions with them. And a notetaking app like Evernote is indispensible. Overall: The best system is the one you’ll actually use.

5. Virtual tours – Invest in a professional-quality auxiliary microphone to bring the audio of your virtual tours in line with the images. Stick to about 90 seconds in length, and give viewers a sense for the flow of the home. Consider including a floor plan with online tours.

6. Other great tools:
1. Matterport – a solution for capturing and sharing 3D tours
2. BombBomb – a personal video marketing platform with tracking features
3. Speaking Photo – an app for easily adding narration to photos

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SOURCE: ABOVE, the RE/MAX magazine abovemag.remax.com


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