5 Ways to Dominate Social Media

Bill Gassett of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, has more than 32,000 followers on Google+ and was named among the “Top 99 Most Influential Realtors on Twitter” by WebsiteBox. Here are a few of his top strategies for effective social media marketing.

1. Blog often. Gassett’s blog is the main draw to his top-ranked website, www.maxrealestateexposure.com. He fills it with resources about all kinds of real estate topics. It’s also rich in outbound links and social-sharing options. Also, he doesn’t forget to respond to the comments on his blog posts. He advises always making responses a priority.

2. Create custom graphics. Posting sharp graphics with catchy headlines will make people click on – and share – your content, especially on Pinterest. Gassett uses Canva.com to create graphics and overlay them with custom text to complement his content.

3. Automate your tweets. Set aside 10 minutes each morning to curate your content/posts, and then put them on autopilot. Gassett uses Buffer.com, an automated social media posting app. It’s best to post relevant information that people will find interesting or helpful.

4. Get on Google+. Gassett is administrator and creator of the Real Estate page on Google+, which has more than 20,000 followers. Why? Google+ has a more tuned-in, business-minded audience. It’s a place where you can have serious conversations about real estate that would otherwise get lost in the noise on Facebook.

5. Create community pages. Building online community pages for each neighborhood or town you work in serves two purposes: 1) The pages are a tremendous resource for buyers and sellers to turn to for things like market statistics, crime rates and information about schools, local amenities and attractions; and 2) they also position you as the local market expert.

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