5 Ways to Connect with Renters for Your Vacation Home


More travelers than ever are discovering the benefits of vacation rentals. For close to the same price as a hotel, vacationers enjoy more room, better amenities and a convenient location to local attractions.

If you own a vacation home, or are considering buying one, here are some ways you can connect with potential renters as featured in Your Made in the USA Vacation Home by RE/MAX agent Christopher Cain:

Rental Managers

Most likely, you live hundreds or thousands of miles away from your vacation spot. A property manager will take care of home maintenance year-round and can even serve as a host in your place, maybe even delivering gift baskets to guests and making sure their stay is as comfortable as possible. Bonus: Many agencies will advertise your home to potential renters on your behalf.

Friends, Family and Colleagues

Let your connections know about your vacation property and when it’s available to rent. Add interested friends to a closed Facebook group where you promote available weeks or upcoming events near your property.


The growth in vacation-rental interest has led to the creation of websites and apps that make life easier for both parties. FlipKey, HomeAway and AirBnB easily connect vacation-home owners with potential renters. Many sites have interactive features that can help show your property in its best light.

Vacation Swaps

Do you own a property in Orlando but are looking to visit Napa Valley? Offer to exchange weeks with a fellow vacation-home owner.

Charitable Donations

Look into the logistics of offering a weeklong stay as a silent auction item or raffle prize. Not only does the money go to a good cause, the winners (and losers) may become repeat customers.


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