5 Tips for Nonstop Growth

1. Answer your phone.

“That’s the biggest key to being successful. People want immediate service. The first person to answer the phone often gets the job. I missed a call while on vacation and when I returned it, I learned it was about an $800,000 listing they’d already given to someone else. That’s the perfect example of why I always answer the phone. I look at that like a $16,000 course from Harvard that I learned a lot from.”

2. Be willing to sacrifice.

“If you’re not willing to sacrifice in this business, forget it. You’ll never make it. To be successful in this business, you’re going to be working all different hours, you’re not going to have a set schedule, and there are going to be plans that you’re going to have to break. If you don’t understand that, you will lose business.”

3. Remember, fortune favors the bold.

“Don’t be afraid to ask for the work. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to give you a try.”

4. Respect your colleagues.

“Even if someone doesn’t work for the same company, if they’re in this business, respect them. I have a reputation that I’ll work with everybody. I always tell people, ‘Call me anytime, I’d be glad to co-broker.’ I’m not a greedy agent. If you don’t have your colleagues, you’ve got nothing; you’re in this business alone.”

5. Know your product.

“I’ve never used a lock box in my whole career. I like to be on-hand to explain the listing. To sell anybody real estate, you have to show value. Most people are looking at the pretty colors on the walls. They’re not looking at what’s behind the walls or what’s under the concrete. You have to know the product you’re selling.”

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