5 Tips for Building Trust to Grow Your Business

1. Identify something you’re passionate about.

Then do it, and then tell people about it. Sharing your life experiences on social media — not just pushing listings and market updates — shows clients you’re a whole person. This helps build trust and create connections.

2. Commit to the job.

Prepare financially before leaving other sources of income, but when you are ready, make the full commitment. Keeping a side food service or bartending job to supplement your income will undoubtedly hold you back from putting in your hardest fight and can prevent you from being successful.

3. Set specific goals.

Perhaps you want to grow your referral business by 15 percent or sell 40 homes next year. “Make more money” is not a good goal. Being specific allows you to chart a path for yourself with each of the steps you need to take to achieve it.

4. Get marketing-savvy.

Understand the specifics of your market, such as where buyers are moving from and where that demographic looks for information, then use high-quality content and professional photography to make the homes look their best via a wide variety of marketing channels. Don’t be intimidated by modern tools like YouTube and Zillow, and don’t neglect the ever-present power of word-of-mouth.

5. Avoid the agent roller coaster.

Many new agents start to hit a stride after getting a few clients and properties and stop doing what they did to get those clients. Then, when those clients close there is no more pipeline and you go from eating steak to eating Ramen. Don’t ever stop doing what you did to get where you are. Trust that there will be enough time for everything.

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