5 Things to Know About … the 2016 Ad Campaign

Created with award-winning ad agency Camp + King, the multimedia campaign includes new TV spots highlighting the value of RE/MAX agents

  1. The campaign, which will reach millions of consumers, was created by the award-winning Camp + King ad agency. The TV package includes three 30-second commercials and two 15-second spots. A 30-second “anthem version” was also produced for online/social uses. The TV commercials themselves will be released in mid-February.
  1. The tagline – “The Sign of a RE/MAX Agent” – will carry across all media.
  1. The campaign focuses on the incredible value a RE/MAX agent brings to a transaction. In assessing current real estate advertising, Camp + King saw spots about the beginning of the process (“we’re looking for a house”) and the end of the process (“we found a home,” “we sold the house”) but nothing covering the middle, where the real work gets done. That’s where the agent shines, through the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting that leads to a successful closing.
  1. The multimedia campaign includes TV, radio, print, digital, social, out-of-home and more. The TV spots will air on national television (based on regional participation) as well as regionally and locally. The ads are designed to reinforce the network’s industry-leading brand awareness, drive traffic to remax.com, and inspire consumers to think of the local RE/MAX agents they know.
  1. A variety of tools and resources are being developed to help offices and agents (in participating RE/MAX Regions) leverage the campaign and connect themselves to it.

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Love how we are represented as a culture of individualality with the common thread of being the best! Can’t wait to see this campaign roll out!

I was not a fan of this commercial. It does not reflect anything that I as a top producer do for my clients and makes our job look easy to do and requiring minimal effort. Was very disappointing on many levels…

This definitely will show that we have strength in backing from the gitgo. Not just an individual team, but the organization is working for our client!

I’m hoping this will have a much better functionality with mobile devices than some previous campaigns. These campaigns are great marketing when they function property.

I agree. The sign of a ReMax agent???? What meaning that could have for consumers is lost on me. And the activities portrayed in the ad could be done by any agent. Where’s the message that our experience adds value? We need new input. They should try the Martin Agency here in Richmond, Va. who has done the Geico geco and a lot of other good stuff.

Love it ! The “Anthem” is particularly spot-on for an election year. It’s fun & fast-paced. After 18 years in television production, I am very aware that’s what’s needed to register with today’s audiences. Good job!

Happy to see an ad campaign change from Dream with your Eyes Open. Though the new ad seems to move to quickly through all the different scenarios. Realizing the effort is to show different agent tasks. I think we need a separate ad for the Collection brand to air and gain exposure for it. As now it is the unknown “Collection”.

I like the fast moving energy of the commercial! I think this will reinforce the brand and remind people to use remax.com to look at those houses, which will send us leads!!!

Unless we are also trained stagers, inspectors , etc. I think these commercials are a bit of an overstep on what we can/should be doing. On the other hand I did love the energy of the agents and the general theme.

I agree with your comment. I like the energy and diversity but not the message that we clean and inspect. That is the home sellers job! Not a fan of the commercials in our market.

I have the exact same question – what car model is used in that ad. It’s orange-rust color looks very European in style, maybe from the 1960’s ????

1959 Triumph TR10 four door sedan from England. Also available in a 4 door Estate Wagon. My first car was the sedan in green. I bought it my senior year of high school in 1970 in Denver. I would fold down the back seat and my snow skis would fit in with the tips under the dash and the tales against the trunk lid. Wish I still had it.

I think you can do with out the comment, “the Pitbull”! The sweet dogs have a bad enough rap with out you making reference to them with a sneering agent! Your commercial will not change if you take that out of the scene!

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